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Book Review – The Fastest Ship

Reviews of The Fastest Ship:
“Hot Summer Reading List – Romance – Fiction
Title: The Fastest Ship
Author: Larita Arnold
Rating: Excellent!

“Adventure awaits within “The Fastest Ship,” where pirates get away with murder, for awhile, young women meet their very different fates, and more than one man’s heart is torn asunder. Pirate stories offer a special romance, of the sea and of the mind. Larita Arnold’s tale is an exciting escape into the past.

“It is 1860 when “Captain” McGwyer pirates away the daughter of the Governor of Jamaica. Elena is also the fiancée of McGwyer’s mortal enemy, Colonel James Whitworth of the Royal Guard of Jamaica. Whitworth
had arrested McGwyer’s wife and so he felt it was an eye for an eye to take away Elena. McGwyer is a devil of a man, sick and twisted, and uncaring of the harm he inflicts, or deaths he induces. He beats Elena severely and in the night she manages to slip away, barely hanging on to life, but leaving her memories behind her.

“Floating in a small craft, she is rescued off the coast of Barbados by Captain Jack Ashbury and is brought aboard the HMS Griswald. They set sail for England and by the time they arrive, Elena, using the name
Angelica (for she can’t recall her real name), and Captain Ashbury are engaged to be married. They have fallen in love, and there is the urgency of the fact that Angelica is with child. But by whom? She can’t recall her past, but the reader can guess, either the pirate McGwyer or her first fiancé James. There are greater things to ponder though.

“There is a wedding, and a good many surprises, for Captain Ashbury has been away for two long years. The baby is born, and life is good. Captain Ashbury is made an Admiral and is put in charge of the construction of England’s first iron clad ship, the HMS Warrior. Upon her maiden voyage the Ashburys journey once again across the ocean where Angelica meets her past face to face. Will it change her future? Only the pages in the book can tell.

“This is a wonderful adventurous romance (with a number of steamy moments). Larita Arnold has created a cast of personable characters that jump off the page and into the reader’s mind. Likely you will wish to read the book all in one sitting, but should you not have the time, you will find yourself daydreaming of the adventure that is waiting in the Caribbean for your return to reading. I very much enjoyed the book and recommend it to anyone in need of a little romantic piracy (and aren’t we all?).” Heather Froeschl, Bookreview.com
“Love this novel! A fine job of writing, great vocabulary, interesting story content and a lot of research.” Lorna Olson
“It was indeed a pleasure to be one of the first people to read this book…It was definitely better than the average romance novel, as I get halfway through them and quit. The time period is such a wondrous time in our nation’s history and it was nice to see how a fair amount of history was included in the book. I most certainly would recommend this book to anyone seeking an afternoon of relaxation. Good job!” Sandi Baum
by Larita Arnold

Watch out Pirates of the Caribbean! Here comes THE FASTEST SHIP. With more romance and more of a dislikable pirate, this story will have you panting to get to the next page! Elena Williams stolen from her own engagement party as payment to the vengeful pirate McGwyer, she is then beaten and left for dead. But only her body and mind are damaged, her spirit and will to live are strong. Found by a sea captain and his crew, she is dubbed Angelica when it is clear that amnesia has stolen her memories…I was extremely impressed with the knowledge and use of the actual ship the HMS Warrior. It fit perfectly into this story of love and lost treasure. I highly recommend this novel.” Lighthouseliteraryreviews.com
“Sitting down to read The Fastest Ship is a treat. The story is powerful, heartwarming and full of life. A book about the ways of the heart and the compelling ties of love…a major achievement.” Jean Hughes
“In a confusing world, Larita Arnold’s book The Fastest Ship is like a breath of fresh air. She takes you back to a simpler time when love was honorable & so were most of the men. She fulfills a desire for action, romance, intrigue & interesting descriptions of old ships–also courage, daring & suspense. It has it all and just makes you feel better for reading it. This would make a great movie!” Shirley Jackman
“From the first word to the last, I was immersed in this riveting novel of love, innocence, passion, heart-gripping truth about marriage, life and man’s evil manipulation and ‘lust’ for control. Larita Arnold’s novel took me along a journey with more than just words on a page, but took me away to a place where I could escape.” Belle-Lyssa Dreher, Intentions in Art

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