de montel syndrome- March 1997

Ere mi is back again, well, dis time mi afi apalogise fi mi remissiveness in riting bout di skettel paartna, mi wha?. Well, mi rite bout di skettel dem an neva rite bout dem paartna, di Montel. Sorry mi boss Montel, but di man dem name Montel. A Dem ave a syndrome. One Montel is shere di same features af a Skettel and behave ina di same manner. Dem dress ina half cloth an half mesh shirt , yu know curtain, well if yu tink sey yu can dress, check out di Montel, now fi dem shoes is nothing likka di Skettel, fi dem own is any tap a di line mens shoes, yes mi dear and dem deck out ina big shirt, half of it is claat an di nex half is mesh, mose time dem ave all ten finga full a ring, an dem haire paaste wid gel an curly, mi neva sey jehrie curl yu nuh , mi sey gel. Yu si di cannection yet?, yes mam dats rite.

Now, one fren invite mi a one lukkle function wey im ave a im yaard satday an wen mi, mi sista an har fren go, dere is was, a Montel, fus af all every ting yellow an black, dat is di Montel suite, fi dem pants an shirt is match, an if yu nuh mine sharp, dem shoes a di same colour. Anyway, wen im cum in, im fus tek mi eye, di wey ow mi luk pan im one oulda tink sey mi di ave design pan im, but mi was shack out a mi mine, fus af all, is not a full length pants im did ave aan, it chree quarta, an big aaf pan im. Im deck out ina im bangle and all ten finga ave aan ring, im haze bore an im ere curly fram di gel wey im paste ina it. Mi tun tu mi sista an har fren an mi opin mi eye pan dem axing dem di question, yu si dat?. Well, if yu know any baddy wey dress dem way de, dem is a Montel an yu caan tell dem sey dem nuh dress fi kill.

de montel symdrome – Standard English Translation

Here am I, back again. My apologies for the remissness in writing about the Skettel’s partner. They are called Montels, my apologies, Montel, but thats what we call the Skettel’s partner, a Montel. A Montel, shares the same features as a Skettel, they too behave in a similar manner and dress in a similar manner. They mode of dress for a shirt is half cloth and half mesh, if you are familar with window curtains then you get the picture. They are the one with the syndrome. If you think you are one who dress well, then check again, the Montel is here to give you a run for your money. Their shoes is nothing like that of the Skettels’, they wear top of the line shoes, name brand, they call it. The shirt as explained before is made from cloth and mesh, their ten fingers full of rings (not necessarily gold, but gold after a fashion), their hair is curly and well pasted with gel, yes I said gel, not Jehrie curls.

Now I had been invited to a function being held by a friend of mine. My sister, her friend and myself went. First of all, as the guests began to come in, there was a Montel. Well, at the rate I was staring, one would I had designs on him, but I was shocked, I turned and looked at my sister and her friend staring questionably and asking, did you see that.He was dressed in full yellow and black, the Montel design three quarters pants and all ten fingers full of rings and his wrist with bangles, his hair was gelled and curly and sometimes the shoes may be the same colour as the rest of the suit. So, if you know anyone who fits this description, they are a Montel and you can’t tell them that they are not dressed. Walk good till wi meet again.

Talk to you later, until next month take care