Love mash-up part I – June 1997

Check it out: Wen a man a look a woman, nuff niceness and lyrics and impramise fi giv har de worl. No amounta “mi luv is deepa dan di deepest sea an higha dan di air bus can fly” an im mean every word. In fac, im hav more lyrics dan Frankie Paul imself. Even di softist skin get rough after six months di romance start fi flap.

(here’s a senariio) Mi dear wen dem start out fi date di first week, im pick har up a wurk an drap har aaf. Im opin di door fi har, an pull out har chair, if carry har go hair dressa an pick har up bak. Nuff niceness and gentleman behaviour. Yu see di third week, she haffi opin di door an pull out di chair harself,she hav if tek taxi go a wurk an taxi back, she hav fi fine har self a hair dressa har self an fine har way start fi say, honey a would pick yu up but wurk pressa a ole mi. Funny, work pressure was’nt there before.

In di fus week is plenty go out, nuff dance an stage show, saaf cangle lite dinna a Port Royal, and plenty movie. As di weeks dem pile up, shi hav fi axe, : “So Diego, mek we go eat som fish a Port Royal nuh?” “Port Royal too far, an di road daake. Chicken Supreme neara”. How quickly things fade. “Honey, ow cum yu stap bring flowers, shi axe? “Afta a nuh yu birthday, honey im ansa. Listen!, it works both ways is not only man hav dis six months frame of favour fading fast. To be continued…..

Love mash-up afta 6 month Part 1 – Standard English Translation

Check it out, When a man is courting a woman, he’s very gentlemanly, lots of lyrics and promises of eternal love. He would say: ” My love is deeper than the deepest sea, and higher than an air bus can go. More lyrics than Frankie Paul, and he means every word. But my dear, even the softest skin becomes rough after a time – that same passion waxes and wanes after months pass.

Here’s a senario: boy meets girl. In the first week of dating he’s the perfect gentleman, opens the door for her, pulls her out chair, pick her up from work and drop her off. He would take her to the hairdresser’s and return to pick her up. By week three she has to open the car door hersef, draw up her own chair and take taxis to and from work. “Honey, I would pick you up but the work pressure is is holding me”. Funny, work presure was’nt there before.

In the early weeks, they would go out a lot, stage shows, soft candle light dinners at Port Royal, and lots of movies. As time goes by, she has to ask: “So Diego, why don’t we go to Port Royal to eat some fish, eh?.” “Port Royal is too far and the roads are dark. Chicken Supreme closer”. How quickly things fade. ” Honey why have you stopped bringing me flowers”. “Its not your birthday, honey”, came the reply.

Listen, it works both ways. its not the men only that has this six months frame of favours fading fast…

To be continued…

Talk to you later, until next month take care

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