Anancy Culture

Anancy and Fish Country

Dere was a famine in di lan han far months dem neva ave noh rain. Day after day di sum com up ina di cloudless skies, di grass parch lackka caafee berry. Di tree dem also parch han brown same way, di plants in di tree dem staat fi widder away. Dere was a famine in di lan.
Well, Anancy im ungry nung and im belly feel like im neva hit fi weeks pan months, im feel like im never hit ina im llife. Im mus fine food some where, im afi go aff tu some place else fi fine som food far im really a stave nung. “If ongle mi di ave one lang coat”, im sey tu imself. A oulda goh a Fish Country and preten fi bi a dockta”. “Dats it”! im taut tu im self, “dats wat a gwaan du”. Di ongle ting a dockta need is a black bag, a lang coat, hab a lang face”.

No sooner said dan done! Missa Anancy get up nex mawning dress tu pus ina im lang coat, tall hat han black bag an set aff tu Fish country. Wen Anancy got dere, im tuk a affice, put up a signpose: M. Anancy, Surgan.

Im furst patient was a very lawge fish, shi ad many children and many gran children and many great gran children. Nung shi ave eye prablem and shi cum fi si if Anancy could elp har.

Anancy luk in har eye fram all angle, im tek lang lang, a soh im luk is soh im chat tu imself. Som a di time im even shake im haead and stap an cauf as im si adder doctors du. Anancy start tink hard, a suddinly im jus cum up han sey, ” yu eye dem is weak, but a tink a can elp yu, but yu afi du exactly as a tell yu. Hear di fule fule fish noh far shi staat ketch har fraid, “yes doctor, me will do everting yu tell mi” Soh Anancy sey, “alrite den, goh ome han goh straight tu yu bed, mek sure yu maid fix a big fire ina yu room and put on a big frying pan beside it, som coconut ile, and a sharp knife. Call mi wen yu ave everyting prepare”

Di fat fish urry ome and du exactly wat Anancy tell har fi du, soh wen everyting ready shi sen goh caal Anancy. Soh Anancy ketch a yard and sey tu di fambily, ” all a unnu mus leave di room. A afi lack di door. Unnu mus nat try fi open it, nar luk inside it, but unnu mus listen carefully han wen unnu ear di frying pan a fry unnu mus sey, fee fee han stamp unnu fut han sing da sang ya.

Bim, Bam,mi grannie eye well, ooh,
Bim, Bam,mi grannie eye well, ooh,
Bim, Bam,mi grannie eye well, ooh,

Unnu mus mek up ole eep a noise, unni ear mi? Soh since di sang neva ard fi lern, di ole a di fish dem ketch aan quick! But Anancy smarter dan dem, im noh leave nutten tu chance, so as soon as im feel sey dem lern di sang gud enough, im leave a goh inside an lack di door. Im put di frying pan pan di fire and put di ile ina it. Wen di ile staat bwile, han sizzle, im caal out “fee fee”. As di frying pan bwile, Anancy tek di fat fish and put it ina di pan wile di fule fule fish dem dey outside a sing ” Bim Bam..pan di tap a dem vice. Soh dem sing, soh Anancy nam di fish, wen im belly full nung, im wipe im mout pan di sheet and lick im lip soh wen im leaving nobaddy ould know sey im was eating somptomg. Nung im afi fine a wey fi get out before di fambily ketch up pan im. Im staat tink ard nung, a wey im ago du? Im cover di bone dem wid di sheet pick up im bag put aan a lang face and mek im exit. Wen im goh outside im sey tu di likkle fule fule fish dem, all is well di apperation was a success, but unnu mus nat goh inside dere far at least two hours. Unnu ave bin making ole eep a nise soh unnu mus nung bi still and nung yu all afi pay mi mi fee. Soh di fule fule fish dem pay im and im set aaff on im journey, im nung im mus leave Fish Country quick soh im affi fine di shartest way out. Dat ould mean im afi crass di river wid a ole eep a alligators. Ow im a go get crass dat nung? Same time Anancy saw bredder Dog pan di odder side af di river.

“Ahh! breddaog” Anancy sey, yu glad fi si me? “No!” bark bredda dog. Oh!!, but a sure yu ould bi glad if yu know omuch money mi ave, shaking di bag in front a bredda dog. “Mek mi si it”, barked bredda dog, no bredda dog, mi afi crass dis ya river ya. “Crass nung” bredda dog bark. But di alligators dem will eit mi? said Anancy. Leave dat tu me, di dog staat run alang di river banking, barking as im go. Di greedy alligators fallow bak a di dog tinking dat im oulda jump in di water. Wile di dog a du fi im ting, Anancy dash crass di river and was soon safe on di odder side.

Since bredda dog was stronger dan im, im lef di bag a money by the ford. Bredda dog was very pleased wid imself. Wen di fish dem arrive at di banking af di river, which was a far as could goh, dey saw Anancy. But dem could’nt du a ting, Anancy was already running thru di farest singing ” Bim Bam….”

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