Five Brands of Curry Powder Popular with Jamaicans Face Recall

The Oriental Packing Company is recalling some of its Blue Mountain, Jamaica Choice, Ocho Rios, Oriental, and Grace brand curry powder products. Turmeric is a key ingredient of the curry powder, and it has been recalled on account of lead contamination. The recall applies to containers of these brands ranging from two ounces in size to five pounds. There are some 377,000 pounds of the affected curry powder in total out in the marketplace. While lead is not healthy for anyone to consume, it is particularly dangerous for children and for developing fetuses whose mothers ingest lead-contaminated products. The specific products recalled are: Blue Mountain Country Mild Curry Powder, Blue Mountain Country Hot Curry Powder, Blue Mountain Country Hot Jamaican Jerk Curry Seasoning, Jamaica Choice Mild, Jamaica Hot Curry Powder, Ocho-Rios Jamaican Nice Mild Curry Powder, Ocho Rios Spicy Curry Powder, Ocho Rios Jerk Curry Seasoning Mild, Ocho Rios Jerk Curry Seasoning Spicy, Oriental Mild Curry Powder, Oriental Hot Curry Powder, Grace Mild Curry Powder, Grace Hot Curry Powder, Grace Caribbean Curry Powder, and Grace Caribbean Tradition Hot Curry Powder.

Visit the FDA website for the specific batch numbers and dates for these products.