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Fort Clarence Beach

Fort Clarence beach, a clean, well-maintained black sand beach, is a popular location for visitors to Jamaica who are looking for that perfect mix of natural beauty, fun, and local culture. Because of its close proximity to more urban areas, Fort Clarence is a popular choice with tourists and Jamaicans alike. It is just 5.6 miles from Fort Charles on the island’s southeastern coast, and it’s very near Portmore, which makes town explorations an easy optional activity during a day at the beach.

Fort Clarence beach is often the destination for guests staying at many of the neighboring hotels, which include Morgan’s Harbour Hotel, just 6 miles away with 51 rooms. About 11 miles away from the beach are the Four Seasons Hotel 76 rooms; Jamaica Pegasus, 32 rooms; Courtleigh Hotel and Suites, 132 rooms; and the Hilton Kingston, with 300 rooms. A little farther from the beach are the Christar Villas (13 miles away offering 42 rooms) and Strawberry Hill (17.4 miles, 14 rooms).

Fort Clarence is itself steeped in history, and the neighboring area is a popular venue for many different types of entertainment, drawing local crowds on weekends. The number of people at the beach varies according to the time of year, with larger crowds evident during peak tourist season. There are opportunities to mix with local residents at Fort Clarence beach, which attract residents of Kingston in particular to its weekend concerts and other entertainments.

For travelers looking to see the natural and historic sites of Jamaica, Fort Clarence beach is near several exciting attractions. These include the Royal Botanic Gardens, located 14.4 miles to the northeast of Fort Clarence, and historical landmarks like Devon House.

Other historical attractions include Fort Charles itself, located 5.6 miles northeast of the beach, Mona Great House (13 miles    NE), Hope Great House (14.1 miles NE), Gordon House     (10.1 miles NE. Also nearby are Georgian Antique Square (8.4 miles NW) for shopping, the National Gallery of Art (9.1 miles NE), the Tourist Board (11.2 miles NE),     

National Stadium (11.9 miles NE), and the Bob Marley Museum (12.4 miles NE).

Many options for dining are close at hand at Fort Clarence beach, or you may decide to travel the short 15.8 miles to the northeast of the beach to sample the French cuisine available at the Blue Mountain Inn. It is also possible to obtain picnic lunches packed by many of the hotels in the area for enjoyment right on the beach.

A visit to Fort Clarence beach is well worth the time.

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