And the caged bird

Soared to freedom

O what joy and strength

And power she feels

As she is set free

From that which imprisoned her

With wings outstretched

With face upturned into the winds

She ascends to new heights

Of her destiny

Her heart is glad

Her joy complete

Her Father laughs

At what he sees

His creation

Freed to be who

She was to be

One who soars

And climbs

Into new heights

Near to Him

She is free from

The shackles of her


Fears… unbelief

Hurts… insecurities

Men faces

And opinions

And with his help

She begins to believe

In what he believes

What he knew all along

She is destined to soar

And grow in freedom

None can stop her flight now

She will not give it up

For having endured bondage

She will not give up freedom

It cost her too much

The price was high

No the caged bird

Will not give up freedom

Karen L. McFarlane © October 11, 2005

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