The Games Must Go On While People Suffer
I find it mind boggling that collectively the caribbean islands will raise $400 million dollars for cricket…. when if they could do that they could create 8000 —$50,000.00 a piece homes for 8000 families and then do it again and again till it was all paid off for everyone to have decent housing…. maybe it is a SIN tax needed on alcohol and tobacco products and then ya might even go ahead with full blown legalization of marijuana and TAX the hell out of it to be put in a seperate fund to be spent on housing and schools. Sports everywhere are always given the utmost attention and $$$$ sports take precedent over all peoples well being…. the games must go on mentality…. no life must go on….

If the the entire world really wanted to stop corruption and drugs or legalize and then keep an eye on everyone they should ban money. Yes that’s right ban the almighty buck…. everyone has a credit card world wide… no more cash… cash is the problem. stopping drugs is very easy as well as stopping guns or any black market problem… no money, no purchase, no sale. If everyone has a card to swipe well wouldn’t they be able to monitor what you do? Of course. NO transactions to the dealer at the airport when you get off the plane, to the dealer at the hotel when you book in, to the dealer on the boat floating around. Sorry everything is plastic and illegal activities would cease and desist. Then illegal activities would stop. If money is stopped and it is a total plastic society even politicians couldn’t get into trouble…It is the temptation of money, cash, coin. Gone, gone, gone. So only then will we see what becomes legal and how fast… who has their hand in what. If you are a good citizen don’t you need just a plastic account to pay your bills, buy your food, get your medicine and pay for the things you need around the house? Appliances, furniture, artwork, food, everything you need a car a motorcycle even if used pay by card and that money just goes into the other persons account. Every transaction on paper it is all documented how they have their money and where it went….Amazing, that didn’t take very long. But people with money will never alllow it to happen. Will they?