US Citizens Traveling To Jamaica Get Your Passport ASAP

Have you been putting off getting your US passport? If you are a US citizen it is time to stop putting it off and get on the ball.

Beginning Jan. 8, 2007, all travelers except cruise ship passengers returning to the United States from Jamaica (Caribbean, the Bahamas, Canada, Central America, Mexico and Bermuda) must have a passport. In the past, only a birth certificate and photo I.D. were required.

If you’re stopping over in Jamaica on a cruise, you’ve got until 2008 to get your US passport. As a cruise passenger you may think you have more time however if there is an emergency where you have to fly home will need a passport.

Applying for a New Passport
You may apply for a passport in person at a U.S. Post Office. You’ll need the following
– Application form
– Proof of citizenship (U.S. birth certificate or naturalization certificate)
– Two color passport photos and valid photo ID.
Children under 14 require consent of both parents or legal guardians. For info and forms, see the U.S. State Department website.

The processing time for a US passport is up to six weeks. The cost is $97 for ages 16 and up, $82 for under 16.

Expiring Passport
Most foreign governments require at least six months remaining on your documents. If you have a valid US passport, you can renew by mail for a cost of $67.

Get your US Passport today as you never know when Jamaica will start calling….

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