Ghost Tour at Rose Hall in Jamaica Ranked among Top Three in Caribbean

Rose Hall, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Rose Hall Great House in Jamaica has been named one of the top places in the Caribbean to experience a ghostly haunting by Islands Magazine. Located on a former plantation in Montego Bay, the Great House offers an hour-long tour featuring re-enactments, and a chance to learn about Annie Palmer, the former plantation wife and “white witch” infamous for killing three husbands. The dungeon of the building is now a well-stocked bar calles Annie’s Pub, where you can get your goosebumps from some Witches Brew cocktails. Rose Hall is surrounded by the sparkling Caribbean waters, sunny beaches, and green tropical hills that only make its haunted history that much more striking. The House was constructed in 1770 by John Palmer and his wife, and in 1820, their grand nephew married Annie, a lovely and feisty English girl. Unknown to her husband, Annie practiced black magic, which ultimately resulted in his death. While she was the mistress of Rose Hall, she dispensed with two more husbands and many lovers, according to legend. Known as the “White Witch of Rose Hall,” she has fascinated generations of visitors. She has been seen passing through the corridors of the house, and during a candle-lit tour, you may get a chance to encounter her yourself. In addition to its ghostly attraction, Rose Hall offers the chance to view its 18th-century decor and many antique furnishings.

Photo Source: Rose Hall

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