The Truth About Giuliani, Dinkins, And Crime In New York And The Jamaican Connection!

I am amazed again at the power of the media and how they have portrayed Giuliani as some brilliant crime fighter. I am even more amazed at the quality of people in the Caribbean who have believed this fallacy and this just proves how powerful the media is in shaping opinions and beliefs of even the most sophisticated and educated persons, even if the message being preached is a complete fabrication. Those who have believed this erroneous claim include the business community of both Trinidad and Jamaica and many of the intellectual elite of the UWI. I heard Leachim Semaj, one of the most brilliant sons of Jamaica who seem to have been completely brainwashed into
believing the fallacious Giuliani crime-reduction claim, ranting and raving on the radio last year,
about the wonderful things that Giulani had done with the crime rate in New York. Recently a letter writer to the gleaner, Christine Stewart-Nembhard ([email protected]) in her letter to the gleaner seem to talk about this unrepentant bully, as if he were some sort of god. In her own words:

“APPROXIMATELY TWO years ago when I heard that the former Mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani was doing a satellite presentation as a part of the JMMB leadership conference, I was excited as I wanted to hear every word that this dynamic leader had to say about how he turned around the troubled city of New York. I listened with bated breath as he spoke because I was positive that somewhere in his speech would be the solutions/answers to the many problems we are
faced with here in Jamaica.”

Lo everyone behold the power of European white knights, the media and the Hollywood Trojan horses they call Television programs, cable and satellite TV- Q.E.D! I have written in the past about the prevalence and types of the plantation massa spirit that exists in the minds of Jamaicans and here is a perfect example of the media-massa connection and how easy it is for the spirit to fill even the most academically brilliant. But I am here to squash and expose this conspiracy against the minds of the willing and by the time you read this you will see how you are being
brainwashed every day by the Trojan horses of Hollywood and Cable and Times and Newsweek.

Actually Giuliani is not very beloved at all by many of us here in New York and milions still hate him bitterly. The facts tell the truth about how great a crime fighter Rudy is, not rhetoric and
the facts are in the crime graphs and charts of the FBI and NYPD. The facts are that New York homicide rates soared in the sixties from 5 per 100,000 to a peak of 30 per 100,000 in 1990. This was a upward sloping graph which had nothing to do with Dinkins. From 1960 through 1972/3 the homicide rate in New York City increased every year when Robert Wagner (1954 – 1965) and John Lindsay (1966 – 1973) were mayors, from 5 to approximately 23 per 100,000. During Mayor
Abraham Beame’s term (1974 – 1977) the rate stabilised, fell slightly and rose to the levels of
his first term. But it was under Mayor Ed Koch (1978 – 1989) that the rate ran up to 26, fell back below
20, and then took off like a rocket up to 30 per 100,000 in 1990. In effect Dinkins, (1990 to 1993)
inherited a rapidly rising homocide rate and turned it around in less than one year. How could Mayor Dinkins be blamed for a homicide rate of 30 per 100,000 when the rate has been increasing for a period of thirty years? Yet many media commentators including one unapologetic racist on WABC radio in New York at the time, attributed the high homocide rates to Dinkins, instead of to the correct guilty parties, Ed Koch, John Lindsay and Robert Wagner.

Is it not curious that the Mayors in the sixties, seventies and eighties get no blame for the rise in
the homicide rates? Why do you think that is? Well Dinkins was the first and only African American mayor of New York City, and this country is always quick to blame so-called minority groups for events and consequences that it is hesitant to attribute to the ruling class (the massa spirit is here too).

Here are some more facts. It was Mayor Dinkins that started the community policing policy in New York by hiring the original architect of community policing Lee Brown, , not Giulani and that is a fact.

Some facts on Dr. Lee Brown, Ph.D: He obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in
criminology from Fresno State University, a master’s degree in sociology from San Jose State University, and both a master’s and doctorate in criminology from the University of California, Berkeley.

Dr. Brown started his police career as a beat cop with the San Jose, California Police Department where he developed one of the nation’s first police community-relations programs. He served as Sheriff of Multnomah County, Oregon and pioneered the concept of Team Policing.

He was selected by Houston Mayor Kathy Whitmire to
serve as Houston’s Police Chief and reform that City’s troubled police department. Dr. Brown pioneered the concept of community policing and transformed the Houston Police Department into one of the most respected police agencies in the nation. It was during his service in Houston that he earned the title of “Father of Community Policing.”

In 1990, his services were tapped by Mayor David Dinkins to serve as Police Commissioner of New York City. There, he implemented the concept of community policing citywide and after one year crime went down. That was the start of New York City’s most dramatic reduction in crime that puzzled all the demographic

It was Mayor Dinkins that started the safe streets, safe school program, not Giulani. It was mayor Dinkins who advocated the hiring of more police officers to bulk up the NYPD. As a results of the policies of Dinkins, crime and specifically the homocide rate started its dramatic decline while
Dinkins was still in office, the crime graphs clearly show this.

Simultaneously there was a national plan to draft legislation called 3 strikes you are out- which meant that the third crime committed by anyone would result in a long prison term. This had nothing to do with Giuliani, it was a national program. So over a period there was an significant increase in the prison populations.

To shed more light one only has to look at the Department of Justice Crime Victims survey. In 1980 the prison population in the USA was just over 500,000. In 2004 that population had musroomed to over two million-over 400% increase! Between 1990 and 1996 the number of violent crimes nationally jumped from 350,000 to almost 450,000 when Dinkins was having unparallelled success in reducing crime in New York City. From 1996 onward the violent crime rate and the prison population have shown an almost perfect inverse ratio resembling an horizontal X. As a matter of fact homicide rates were falling nationally because of national policies, not only in New York City. Sure the murder rates continued to fall during Giulani’s terms but he could not help it,
because the Dinkins plans were working extremely well and he could not but continue them. There were additional tactics introduced during the Giulani years but they were not his ideas they were the ideas of Bratton, the Police Commissioner who had used them in Boston, and there was friction between the two because Giulani took all the credit.

One true legacy of the Giulani years which was not told the Jamaican and Trinidad business community and Dr. Semaj and the department of sociology at Mona, are the many lawsuits from police abuses and people who sued claiming to have suffered at the hands of Giulani or his aides. The city paid US$2million in the first three years of the Bloomberg administration to settle some of these. And then there are the numerous questionable shootings like Amadou Diallo shot at with 41 bullets (I believe I know exactly how this happenned- never before revealed publicly -email me if you want the explanation) because the cops thought he had a gun, and many others and the untold stories of police beatings and harrasssment.

Listen the police here will beat innercity persons in full view of crowds and many believe that when Giuliani became mayor the caucasian police officers thought it was their time (Giuliani time) when they could abuse innercity residents because the courts would be hesitant to convict them (I strongly believe this and the results of the many court cases involving alleged police abuse here, proves this beyond doubt- remember the Abner Louima case and the tactic the defence tried)? The NYPD was even arresting and charging panhandlers under a law that was declared unconstitutional over 10 years ago.

I know one person who was beaten to a bloody pulp and thrown intoa police vehicle “like a dead dog” as one viewer toldme, in full view of a crowd of over fifty persons right next to a McDonald’s restaurant in Manhattan. surprisingly when I asked him if he was going to sue for damages he said no and gave no reason. This was never reported in the newspaper or electronic
media here. And the hypocritical media here has to run to Iraq to look for cases of prisoner abuse! This just show you that the media here are more concerned about persons who look slightly like them overseas than they are about Hispanic and African Americans here in their own country and will stoop to any depths to brainwash the willing weak minds of Jamaica, Trinidad and the rest of the third world.

Certainly it was a multifaceted approach that assisted the drastic decline but for many in the inner city the crack cocaine was perhaps the most impacting. Now if you examine America’s demographics and drug culture it is evident that this is a culture that changes its taste for drugs in a fashion similar to the way it changes its taste for clothing, shoes, handbags,etc. Many drugs that were so popular years ago has lost their broad appeal even though still in use among certain populations.

The crack epidemic was raging in the late 80s and early 90s but has since tapered off significantly- why I do not know because it is still as addicting! This crack rage had nothing to do with Dinkins, but we have strong suspicions who were behind it and it has something to do with a certain airfield called Mena, in Arkansas where the “beloved black president” ruled as govenor for many years (hint!hint!). Let the google-ites do their own research!

The addictive nature of crack drove many users to find resources at all cost and means to pay for their fix and this was a major source of crime in the inner city. If one did not live in the inner city one would never have known this and many crime demographers who never set foot in Harlem or South Jamaica or East New York, attributed crimes to the wrong causes. Consequently, when the crack epidemic abated the associated drimes were also reduced. In addition many of these addicts died from overdoses, physical violence while others were arrested and imprisonned.

Finally, the facts should show that the true crime fighters are Commissioners Lee Brown and Bratton, not Giuliani and it is one of these men who should have been invited to help Jamaica’s crime fighting- not the soft talking inneffective Mark Shields!

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