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Good, good time!!!!

I went to Jamaica in July of this year, which would make it my 9th time there in five years. Every year I go in the summer, and at Christmas time. I am going back again at Christmas. I was born in Jamaica, and lived there until I was 13, then I moved to Australia for four years, and then to the United States six years ago, where I live now. Every time I go back, I don’t want to leave.

You will never be bored going to Jamaica. From the warm, wonderful and beautiful beaches during the day, to the booming nightclubs at night, and the delicious food in all the great restaurants The favorite part of all my trips to Jamaica is Dunns River Falls. I don’t think that there is anything more beautiful from nature. Anyone that goes on vacation, should make this the spot to start and end your trip.

I have been back so many times, that if I was to tell you all the great things to do and places to see, I would never be able to stop. I love it there. I am getting married in a year, and that is where my honeymoon is going to be.

In July, I went to Kingston to visit the place where I used to live. It has changed a lot, I guess because of the hard times that people are facing. I have to say though, that the people are still the same, warm and friendly. Sure they try to sell you things, especially in the tourist sections, but that is how they make their living.

In short, Jamaica is one of the most enjoyable, relaxing, and wonderful time you will ever spend on a vacation. It is, and will always be my favorite place to go to.

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