Grace Kennedy Foods To Celebrate National Jamaican Jerk Day With A Twist

Grace Kennedy Foods, USA and jerk food lovers from around the world are gearing up to mark the second annual National Jamaican Jerk Day, USA on Sunday, October 24.

Jerk Day will bring food connoisseurs and lovers of jerk together to highlight spicy, flavourful jerk dishes, with a dash of history, a pinch of art, and a splash of culture. In addition to recognizing Jamaica’s distinctive method of seasoning and grilling foods, Jerk Day is an opportunity for stakeholders to unite and take ownership of this unique cuisine—a most-loved component of Jamaica’s fascinating culture.

To that end, Grace Foods has engaged local restaurants, Food Trucks and caterers to create and offer Grace-themed dishes with special offers to customers during the week of October 19 – 24. Patrons of participating outlets will savor the experience of its authentic jerk seasonings, coconut water, and Tropical Rhythms—a delicious line of fruits and vegetable juices.

“We are delighted to support the global recognition of Jerk cuisine, which we feel is a worthy flag-bearer for the awesome culinary offerings and distinct culture of Jamaica. We encourage all restaurants, foodies and lovers of Caribbean cuisine far and wide to join us in paying tribute to this delicious masterpiece of flavours, which has had such remarkable impact around the world.” says Kimberley Lue Lim, Global Category Manager responsible for Jerk at Grace Foods.

Several restaurants in New York and South Florida will be participating in this initiative, so cooking at home may be optional during that week. New Yorkers can head over to Island Spice Grill Food Truck, The Door, Smokehouse, and Miss Lily’s to indulge in their jerk offerings. Kahari Woolcock, chef de cuisine of Miss Lily’s, says they are thrilled to participate in Jerk Day and was excited to share one of the secrets to making their famous jerk chicken. He said, “We use a three-day process including 24 hours in brine, another 24 hours in our special jerk marinade, then we slow cook until juicy and finally finish on our char-grill.”

South Floridians can stop by Donna’s Caribbean Restaurants, Island Fusion Grill, Jerk Machine, What a Jerk Food Truck, Dynamic Cuisines Food Truck, Kingston Delight, Dutch Pot, and GoldenKrust to get a taste of delectable jerk goodness. “Island Fusion Grill made a conscious decision to ensure our vegan meals are the healthiest selections for our guests. We intentionally procure the freshest, locally grown whole food ingredients as a standard operational policy for our company. Our Jerk Coconut Cutlet is a customer favorite because it’s tasty, healthy and spices up the tastebuds. We salute National Jamaican Jerk Day. Come by and celebrate with us.” – Chef Dea, Founder & CEO Island Fusion Grill.

But if you’re not close to any of these restaurants or you want to put your culinary skills to the test, no matter where in the world you are, you can participate by creating your own jerk dish and posting it on social media. It would be interesting to see what new favorites arise from this challenge. So, start gathering your recipes and ingredients, fire up your grill or oven, and invite a few friends to celebrate Jerk Day with you.