Growing Up Like A Jamaican – Thanks for Taking This Journey With Me

Markdown:When I found this collection of letters after my Grandfather’s passing I knew I wanted to share them. So I would like to say thank for going on this trip down memory lane with me. And as we close out another year – where does the time go? I hope that your 2009 was good and that 2010 is great!The following letter was written by only my grandfather Stafford because my grandmother – Ms. Ella – had already gone home in 1991.Bless up!Dahlia D. Welshhttp://www.dahliadwelsh.comHodgesland DistrictBlack River P.O.St. ElizabethDec. 20. 2001Hello Dahlia,First I must say greetings to you in the name of our loving saviour who love before we love 1st John 4 v 19. Let me hope when these few lines reach you it may find you content and in the best of health and I wish you a Merry Christmas, success, prosperous New Year and may you live and enjoy yourself with many more. Yes D your letters I’ve received and was very glad to hear from you may the Lord richly bless you by your steps I see wherein that you truly love me and I also love you and I truly miss grandma. Say hi to the family may God bless and keep you.- Same G.F.P.T.O. (I think that means Page Turn Over because it was the end of the first side of the letter)I’m very sorry I forgot to thank you for what you’re sending for me. I thank you very much.

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