What do I do with this gun in my possession while in Jamaica?

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,

I am a US citizen. I came to Jamaica, from the United States (USA) and found out I had a gun that I was to have left with my son in the USA. Someone told me to go to the police and another person wants me to leave it with them for safekeeping. What do you think I should do because I do not have the paperwork for the gun.

Paul Manchion


RESPONSE: Dear Paul Manchion,

The first question is how did you manage to come unto the island without raising any alarm or being properly searched. So therefore this will be one main reason you need to go in and report it. Try going to the the Firearm Licensing Authority of Jamaica (FLA).

You stand a better chance being interrogated then than if you should try to leave the island with the gun you have yet to declare. if you should be caught at the airport for example you most likely will be charged and detained for a Court appearance. If found guilty, there is possibility of you being fined or confined to prison for even 10 years.

So your best bet is to acquire an attorney and head to the nearest police station or the Firearm Licensing Authority of Jamaica (FLA)..


Legal Wiz



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