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Hellshire Beach

Hellshire Beach is the largest and most popular of a series of narrow beaches located along the southern coast of Jamaica. The major characteristics of this beach are its black sands and cool, clean waters. It is just a little over five miles from Fort Charles and close to Portmore, making a day trip to explore the town a definite possibility.

Hellshire Beach is the home of legendary entertainments, including beauty contests, reggae concerts and other activities that contribute to the large crowds gathering there on weekends. The beach attracts many local visitors who come to enjoy Jamaican cuisine cooked by vendors in stands along the shore. The crowds are especially large on weekends, as Hellshire Beach is a major location for Jamaicans who visit on their days of leisure.

There are several hotels nearby, so visitors have no trouble finding appropriate accommodations in the neighborhood. These include Morgan’s Harbour Hotel(5.5 miles, 51 rooms), Four Seasons Hotel (10.6 miles, 76 rooms), Jamaica Pegasus (10.7 miles, 310 rooms), Courtleigh Hotel and Suites (10.8 miles, 132 rooms), Hilton Kingston (11 miles, 300 rooms), Christar Villas (12.5 miles, 42 rooms), and Strawberry Hill (16.9 miles, 14 rooms).

Hellshire Beach is also close to some of Jamaica’s scenic natural attractions, including the Royal Botanic Gardens, which are about fourteen miles northeast of the beach. Historical sites providing a glimpse into island history are close by as well, including Fort Charles, a little over five miles northeast of Hellshire Beach. Other nearby attractions that are worth a visit include Georgian Antique Square (8.2 miles NW for shopping, the National Gallery of Art (8.6 miles NE), Gordon House historical site (9.6 miles NE), the Tourist Board    (10.7 miles NE), Devon House (11.3 miles NE) historical site, National Stadium (11.4 miles NE), the Bob Marley Museum    (11.9 miles NE), and the historical sites of Mona Great House (12.5 miles NE) and Hope Great House    (13.6 miles NE).

Dining choices for visitors include the Jamaican fare available at stands along the shore from local vendors, picnic lunches prepared by many hotels for their guests, or for those willing to travel a short distance, the French cuisine features at the Blue Mountain Inn, 15.3 miles to the northeast of Hellshire Beach.

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