Legal Wiz – Help Me Secure Land and House My Dead Grandparents Left Me?

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,
Hello am looking for a attorney or lawyer who can help me with getting a land title and other papers, to secure a land and house that was left to me by my grandmother. My grandmother passed away in 1998 and my grandad was living in the house. My grandad asked me to send him money to change the land title into my name because he couldnt afford to do so  and which  I did, because he was moving out to live with is new wife. Unfortunately my grandad passed away in 2006 a day before my birthday. Upon coming to his funeral  in Jamaica, I found out from his wife that he never changed the land papers because it was too expensive, and its still in my grandmother’s name and she also didnt know where to find the papers to give to me. She now have also died, so I cant get any information from her. I still have been paying the land taxes but it was still being pay in my grandmother’s name. A few times I paid online  in my name as I live in England. As I have got no paper work I want to prevent anyone from stealing the land as there is also a house on there and I have no one to look after it while am here. It would break my heart if someone stole it because the land was very dear to my grandmother and I dont want to let her down. Please can you help?

Thank You
FROM Arianna Franklyn

Dear Arianna Franklyn
Thank you for communicating.
There are a number of issues, and so the answers may have to be posted over a short time period.
Firstly our team of legal leg workers will be able to physically assist you, and you will get an email outlining fees as we go along.

To do further research, you need to say or provide information on the immediate children – your mom or dad or any other child from the union. Either way, you will need a will, if available, which will need to be probated. Where there is no will you will need certain information/documents to satisfy the relevant court of law that you have rights to the same. The case will be assigned to an attorney, as necessary to represent your interest, but please bear in mind that this stage will be costly – over J$100,000.00.
Do you know if an executor was appointed at any time?

Please acquire and keep all receipts, as proof that tax was paid by you and on your behalf

You can assign power-of-attorney to the members of my team to act in your stead to oversee the property, as will be discussed further in an email.
You will need to submit a document notarised from your area, and send monies to have it stamped and officially registered here as is required by law.
The National Land Agency additionally has its own form to authorise persons to act on your behalf at their office — so you will need to fill this out notarise and send for their purposes. Please see and that form at this link

SELECT ‘Form of Authorisation required by the registrar in respect of applications submitted by lay persons’

OR SIMPLY download form direct here.
The first step will be to do a site visit for assessment of actual condition and status.
All the best for each Jamaican!

Legal Wiz