A Honest Taxi

While on vacation in Jamaica a few summers ago, I went to a night spot to have some fun. Intoxicated by the atmoshere and some good local rum, I decided to take a taxi back to my hotel. The driver was friendly and informative, and we had a great ride across Montego Bay. He dropped me off and said goodbye. The following morning, I discovered that my wallet was missing. After retracing my steps, I realized that I had left it in the cab. No-one at the night spot knew the driver and I chalked it up to experience. Two days later I took a day trip to Negril, forty five miles away. In the parking lot of a popular tourist destination a young Jamaican man came running over, and to my surprise it was my taxi driver. He had my wallet and all that was in it, and refused a reward. I’ve been back to Jamaica often and call my taxi friend every time I visit. He is a rare person to find anywhere, but I found him in Jamaica…Tom Krauss