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How can my brother get a Court order to evict my sister from mom’s house?

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,
My brother went to the Sutton Street court in Jamaica and got an eviction order to remove my sister from our mom’s house. My mom owned the house till she died, and I am the one paying the land taxes. my sister is in tears, because she said she never even got a court summons… but a bailiff came by with some paperwork that an order was made, and they now have a warrant to remove her from the premises. How can this happen in Jamaica, when my brother doesn’t even own the title, nor pay taxes?
Shernette Smith
RESPONSE: Dear Shernette Smith,
Although this is in no way proper, what your are reporting is not unusual at the Resident Magistrate Courthouse at Sutton Street, especially in recent times. Your sister will need the immediate services of an attorney to make an application to set the order aside, and she does not have much time, based on what you are saying to do this. If she cant reach an attorney in time, she should visit the Courthouse and speak with the Clerk of court as soon as possible. You can assist by calling the Clerk of Court. The number for that courthouse is 922-8290. 
Legal Wiz

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