HURRICANE on track for the Little Theatre

The ever growing cadre of Patrick Brown fans will be pleased to learn that another opportunity has been created for them to be entertained by the output of his magical pen when the stormy romantic comedy HURRICANE HONEYMOON blows into the Little theatre come Saturday May 30, 2015 for a limited engagement.

Featuring a wonderful mix of young and upcoming Jamaican actors and the celebrated craft and experience of Glen “Titus” Campbell, Brown is of the view that HURRICANE HONEYMOON packs enough comedic energy to be classified as a Category 1 entertainment force, capable of blowing patrons away with sheer fun and laughter.

HURRICANE HONEYMOON offers an extremely humorous look at marriage through the eyes of newly-weds, John and Hilda Charm. The loving couple arrives at the Pleasure Beach hotel with no suspicion of the deep dark secrets about to be exposed. As skeletons start to emerge from their closets, the shabby honeymoon suite soon becomes a war zone, and with a real hurricane closing in, the newly-weds find themselves embroiled in the honeymoon from hell.

Caught in this storm of emotions is Marley, the hotel’s maintenance man, who finds himself having to act as referee, marriage counselor and even an unsuspecting participant in a love-triangle.

The cast is rounded out by Akeem Mignott, Ricky Rowe (alternating with Glen Campbell), and Shantol Jackson alternating with Natalee Cole. These young thespians are amoung the best of the young brigade, in whose most capable hands the future of Jamaican theatre has been entrusted. If the ongoing rehearsals is anything to go by, our future is indeed secure, as they have crafted an entaining tour-de-force, under the skillful directing of Patrick Brown and Trevor Nairne.

After it’s Gala Opening on Saturday May 30, HURRICANE HONEYMOON will play Wednesdays to Fridays at 8pm and on Saturdays and Sundays at 5pm and 8pm. The Gala Opening will serve as a joint fundraiser for Kiwanis Club of Portmore and Sagicor EBC Pension Fund. Other deserving entities have also secured their “benefit” performance to raise well needed funds. The show is slated to run until mid  June.