My husband is hurting me for leaving him in Jamaica

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,
Hello and thank you for this column.

I live in Jamaica with my husband and three children fOR NOW. I found out that although he is a pastor he was having an affair and although I do not believe in divorce I started proceedings for one.
Now that he knows, he is hurting me physically. He comes up in my face and threatens me all the time. He even told my child that he will defile her if I leave him. The legal aid clinic who is helping me says they cant do anything before the divorce is final.
I am not going to sit and wait till he kills me when I am the one paying the bills. I know you do not think that is right, but the lawyers at the clinic told me they cant do anything till after the divorce even though thats over six months away. I paid them in full already. I have no more money left as I alone have to bear all the expenses. The police suggested I go to the Court for help. The Resident Magistrate clerk sent me to Family Court, but the Family court sent me to the Supreme court and the Supreme Court says I need a lawyer to put the right case in. I am just getting a runaround when my husband could kill me and defile my child. Please do not use my name.
Marsha Warren

RESPONSE: Dear Marsha,
There are student lawyer who is supervised by a practicing attorney who should be able to assist you with preparing the documents for a restraining order. Otherwise please reach out to get paperwork done by a qualified member of the team. Then you would need to speak to the Judges after. By the way, there is hardly a time when the real name is published in the interest of the person who seeks assistance here.
Legal Wiz


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