I need to lease land left to me by grandmom, but my cuz put her friend on it

QUESTION: Dear Legal wiz,

My grandmother left property to me. I have been paying the taxes even before she died, as she had asked me to take care of it. Her last living child, who is my mother died early this year. A neighbour asked me to lease it to her, and I told her that it was not a problem to me. However when I sent someone to the property to take some notes as to what needs to be done, they reported to me that a man and his goats were living on the property. I was told that a cousin of mine gave him permission. What do I need to do now? Can I get assistance from your team.

Harold Chue

RESPONSE: Dear Harold Chue

As far as the lease goes, our team can assist with drafting it for a fee. However, it is recommended that you try to resolve any legal issues with the property before the lease is drafted. If you go ahead with the lease with the intention to resolve any legal matters, you should resolve any issue with the current occupant or the person, your cousin, who put him there.

For this you need the services of an attorney directly or indirectly. It is critical that you ascertain the interest that your cousin or any other family member for that matter may have in the property and discuss the same with the person you are seeking consultation from.

You will need to obtain legal authority and this may mean that you have to apply for Letters of Administration, as you have not mentioned any Will left by your grandmother, or mother.

Our team members can assist you for a fee.

Legal Wiz