I am Jamaica…

I am Jamaica
I am that cool fresh ocean breeze on a lazy hot summer night
I am the warm spring shower that quenches your thirst and washes away your cares
I am that mountain top that beckons you to come home
I am the deep blue ocean that’s filled with wonders untold
I am Jamaica
I hold the key to your dreams
I’ll unlock that door
There’s no need to be afraid
For I can ride the storm
I know just where to touch you
When you feel lost and forlorn
I am Jamaica
Hush now and listen
Hear that voice it’s your heart
Telling you to open your eyes
Look at what’s in front of you
And what’s always right by your side
I am Jamaica
Faithful to the end
A woman of rare beauty
A child of unconditional love
A man with incredible hunger
All find the way to my story-telling shores
Secrets remain, treasures galore
For I’ll be with you always
And I’ll never leave
I am Jamaica


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