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The Ring: Memoirs Of An Illegal Alien Part 40

It has been 6 months since my mother revealed to Rosa that I was illegal. They were closer than ever. I now get information about my mother from Rosa.  She was the one that told me that my mother may visit us in the next few weeks.  She knows my mothers daily routines. She knows about her friends. They spoke every week. I never her told my mother (or anyone) that Rosa was willing to marry me however I got the feeling she knew. It was like they were secretly planning a wedding. She spoke to my mother more than I did. She and Sue were best friends. I did not love her. I knew I should have broken up with her before it got to this point. Now that she knows my secret I can’t. I fear she will use it against me. I can’t believe the situation I got myself in.

I did not want to get married. I was now in  my 3rd year of college and was very focused on finishing school. I thought I had everything under control. Then I made a big mistake.

Rosa’s birthday was a week away and I did not know what to get her. I asked Sue. She mentioned jewelry. I thought it was a great idea. I asked Sue to follow me to Luria’s jewelry store.

When we entered the store I headed directly for earrings. Sue lagged behind me. She was focused on something in one of the showcases. I walked back over to her.

“I think she would like this.” she said.

It was a ring.

I was a bit hesitant. I was not interested in any rings.

Sue saw the look on my face. I think she knew that I believed a ring meant engagement.

“This is not an engagement ring. It is just a regular ring.”

“What about some nice earrings?” I asked.

“She has enough of those. Plus you got her some earring Christmas” she replied.

“What about a bracelet” I asked

“I don’t think she would like that. This ring is her style” she replied.

“Let’s look some more.” I replied.

Reluctantly she followed me to look at bracelets. She was not going to give up. She looked down on every piece of jewelry I picked out and kept insisting that I get the ring.

I gave in. I bought the ring for her. It was a big mistake.

It was day of Rosa birthday. She would be waiting for me at home. We had plans for the night. I brought home some roses for her. She was dresses really nicely, a sexy red dress. As my black American co-workers would say “She is Fine”.

We were going to dinner at Olive Gardens. She loved Italian food. After dinner we would go to a movie.

“Where is my birthday gift” she asked with a very flirtatious look on her face.

“Later my darling”, I winked at her.

My plan was to go to dinner and give her the gift on the way to the movie.

Our dinner was great. We had a cozy booth. There were candles on the tables. We held hands and smooched. Rosa and I never had a problem with conversation. One of the things I liked about her was her intelligence. She did not flaunt it. I also loved her accent. She was trying to teach me Spanish but my “head is too tough”.

We were in and out of Olive Garden in a little less than 2 hours. Now it was off to the movies.

When we got to the theater there was still time to sit and talk in the car. I told her to reach for the bag behind her seat. It was her gift. I did not want it to be dramatic so the car was perfect.

“Happy Birthday mamita”

 It was the only Spanish word I used frequently.

She grabbed the bag and before I knew it she opened the box.

“A promise ring !!!” She was screaming and saying words in Spanish. She was extremely excited. Then she began to shower me with kisses.

I was stunned at how she reacted. Sue said she would like it however this was more that I expected. I wondered if “promise” was a special brand or style. I was enjoyed the moment. I kissed her back passionately.

For the rest of the night she was a changed woman. She held on to me tightly and during the movie I could feel her steering at me with admiration. She kept saying she loved the promise ring. It turned out to be quite a night. I was reveling in the admiration and passion of the night however something in the back of my mind told me I had to find out more about this “promise” ring. I was still thinking it has something to do with a brand or style.

I was happy that Rosa had a great birthday. I felt really proud that I was a part of it.

The next day I went about my normal business. When I got home Sue was waiting on me. Rosa had already cooked. She had left before I got there as she had evening classes that day.

“I spoke to Rosa”

I was a little tired from a long night and work. I responded sarcastically.


“She said you gave her a promise ring”

“Yes, it is the ring you told me to get her. She loved it”

“Of course she would. She thinks it is a promise ring”

“What is a promise ring?” I asked.

“It is the ring you give a girl before you get her an engagement ring”, she replied.

“What” I was now sitting down with my hand on my head.

“Yes. It is the ring you give a girl you will eventually marry”

I think Sue knew this was going to happen.

“Why did you have me buy her a ring?” I asked.

“I did not think you would tell her it was a promise ring”

I never knew what a promise ring was. I was positive Sue knew it would be perceived that way. She set me up. She and my mother have been pushing me towards Rosa. They loved her. They wanted me to marry her.

 I walked to my room and slammed the door. I was duped.

The week did not get any better. The next day I went to work and was informed that everyone needed to bring in papers to prove they could legally work in the US.

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