Pre-Marriage Demands – Memoirs of An Illegal Alien Part 98

I was scared of making the call. This was going to be another awkward conversation. I had not heard from Juliet in 6 weeks. I had been patiently waiting for an answer on my business marriage proposal but could not wait any longer. The immigration debate in congress gave me a new sense of urgency about my situation. I wanted an answer quickly so I could move on to the next “business marriage” candidate.

”How are you doing? How were the exams,” I asked Juliet.

”Everything is good. I know why you are calling so here is my answer…” Juliet paused.

She knew me well.

My heart was beating 100 miles per second in anticipation of what she was going to say next.

She continued, “..I thought hard about it and the answer is yes.”

I wanted to scream “yes” over the phone. But instead I pumped my fist.

”Thank you, I really appreciate this,” I replied.

”Don’t thank me just yet. I have a few conditions. No sex or sleeping in the same rooms. Don’t try to tell me how to live my life. Don’t expect me to be some type of wife you publicly display to everyone as I have a life. Don’t mess with my studies. I am not living at your house with your roommate. You will pay me half of the money just before we exchange vows and the other half in 2 years when you get the green card.”

It was clear that she thought it out.

“Do you agree to all those conditions” she asked.

There was no hesitation in my response.

“Yes” I quickly blurted out.

I was tired and frustrated with being an illegal alien.  I would have agreed to just about anything that would provide a path for me getting a green card.  If she asked me to drink her bath water and wash her panties I would. There was a rap song about a man doing that for a beautiful woman.

“So what’s next? When are we getting married?” she asked.

I never thought about what was next. My only focus was getting someone to say yes to the business marriage proposal. 

”I will get back to you on the details. Just be ready”, I replied lying.

”I will be. My apartment lease is up in four months so I need adequate notice if I need to renew or move. I working on some research at the school and don’t need any major distractions,” she replied.

It was clear that I was to plan everything and Juliet was not going to help.

As I hung up the phone my head was spinning. I was excited but there was work to do. I had to plan a wedding that looked very real. I also had to “kick” my roommate out. That would probably be very difficult as she just renewed a one year lease with me.


The main thing I had to do was to have an empty room for Juliet. I meant I had to break the lease with Geanie. Without that second room Juliet would not get married.

 Geanie and I had grown to be friends. She was almost like a little sister. We spoke about work and school. She went to school in the day and had a job as a waitress at night. She stayed out of my way as she was hardly there. She had a boyfriend who would stop by to pick her up occasionally.

It was going to be difficult to break the lease and lose a renter because of all the money I would be losing.  I also had no valid reason to break the lease.

The sad part about this situation is that a few months before the lease was up she was thinking of moving in with her boyfriend. She had asked me about and I advised her not to do because I was being protective. When she first moved here it was because of a boyfriend who asked her to move in. They broke up. I also did not want to lose the rental money.

 In the rental agreement contract that I signed with Geanie there were consequences for both parties. There were more consequences for the renters, however, the one for the landlord was big. If I broke the contract without due cause I would have pay her 3 months rent plus refund the deposit.

I was not sure if I could afford to do it with all the money I would need for the business marriage and also stage a wedding that would look real.


After some serious thinking I had 3 choices with the living situation.

I could break the lease and take the financial hit. I could get married but would need more income to live with my new wife. To pay the mortgage may require that I get a second job.

I could move in with Juliet and rent out the room in my house. I could use the money I get for rent to pay the lease on Juliet’s apartment. It would allow me to plan out the marriage quickly.

The last option was to delay everything for a year. I would wait until the lease was up before I got married.

Moving in with Juliet was the best option. I called her to explain the situation.

”Are you crazy?  You know my place!!! It is a match box. There is no way we are sleeping in the living room. It has to be your place or another 2 bedroom place.”

I thought to myself ,“We were not even married and she was making demands.”

I waited too long for a chance to get a green card. I had to break the lease.

I started to rationalize how to break the news to Geanie.  Then it came to me.

The best thing to tell her was that I was getting married and my wife did not want another woman in the house. It would soften the suddenness and also give me an alibi if she was ever interviewed by the Immigration authorities about our marriage.


I tried waiting up for Geanie one night but fell asleep. I awoke when she came in at about 2:30 am. It was too late to talk to her.

“What time do you leave in the morning? I have something I have to tell you,” I asked as I turned off the TV to head to my bedroom.

“I will be up by 7am” she replied.

“Okay, we can talk then” I told her.

I could not sleep. I was ready to tell her that night and now had to wait till the morning. I did not sleep and was in the living room waiting on Geanie early the next morning.

“Good morning,” Geanie startled me. I was dozing off in the coach from the lack of sleep.

“Good morning” I replied.

“What did you have to tell me” she asked.

“I am getting married” I told her

“Cool, good for you. Congrats” she gave me a hug.

“Thank you” I was getting ready to drop the bomb when she interrupted me.

“I have some news too. I am moving in with my new boyfriend. I was going to talk to you about breaking the lease.” she explained.

I was now fully awake. Everything was falling into place.