An Imaginary Chat Between Donald Trump and Bob Marley

Stephen Cooper, a writer for the LA Post Examiner, has imagined what it might be like if reggae legend and activist Bob Marley had a conversation with United States President-Elect Donald Trump. Cooper believes Marley could teach the newly elected president a few things. Marley’s continuing appeal and relevance comes from the inspiring political, racial and social consciousness expressed in his songs. During his lifetime, Marley used his position as an international music star to spread his moral wisdom, writes Cooper. Comparing Marley to a learned Rasta elder “reasoning in a sacred Nyabinhi drum circle in the woods,” Cooper believes his song lyrics are relevant because they challenge the hearts and minds of listeners and force people to recognize the existence of inequality, unfairness and oppression in all of their many forms. This why, without doubt, Cooper believes that if Bob Marley were still alive, he would strongly denounce Donald Trump. Using lyrics from Marley’s songs – for example, “Here comes the conman coming with his con plan” from “Crazy Baldheads” – Cooper has constructed an wide-ranging imaginary conversation between these two very different men. Check out the full story at the LA Post Examiner.