5 Instances of Fidel Castro and Cuba’s Kindness to Jamaica

Fidel Castro Instances of Kindness to Jamaica

Fidel Castro, Cuba’s former president has died at age 90. Castro came to power in 1959 and led the Communist revolution. He ruled Cuba for almost 50 years before his brother Raul Castro took over in 2008.  Jamaica and Cuba has had Many may remember him as a dictator, however during his years in power Jamaica has benefited from the kindness of Fidel Castro and the Cuban people. Since the establishment of diplomatic ties in 1972 Jamaica and Cuba have enjoyed a strong and close relationship. Here are 5 Instances of Fidel Castro and Cuba’s kindness to Jamaica.

1.Cuban doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals have been sharing their expertise at hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities in Jamaica. This has been a part of a cooperation between Cuba and Jamaica that started under the leadership of the former president.

2. Cuban teachers have shared their knowledge at Jamaican schools for years as a part of a cooperation program between the governments of Cuba and Jamaica. In Cuba literacy rates are among the highest in the world.

3. Free Training of Jamaican medical practitioners in Cuba. The Cuban government provided free of cost education in Cuba to many Jamaicans seeking to be medical practitioners. That education under the Jamaica/Cuba Bilateral Scholarship Programme has provided many of Jamaica’s best medical practitioners.

4.The Cuban government shared important engineering, medical and agricultural technologies with Jamaica. This cooperation included Cuban engineers visiting Jamaica to train and assist with implementation.

5. Four educational institutions were donated by Fidel Castro and the people of Cuba to Jamaica. Those institutions are the GC Foster College of Physical Education, Jose Marti High, Garvey Maceo High Schools and the Montpelier school (now the Fidel Castro Campus of the Anchovy High School).

The kindredship and acts of kindness displayed by Cuba to Jamaica is expected to continue long after Fidel Castro passing and will be part of his legacy on the island.

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