INTAKTO New Album LAZOS – Coming out May 27th

The dynamic world music duo INTAKTO returns after a lengthy hiatus, with LAZOS, a serene collection of Latin rhythms, intense and sensual, with laid back melodies and a gypsy vibe.

Nine years after the release of their last album Todavia, INTAKTO returns with Lazos – coming out May 27th on the Justin Time label. Led by composer, guitarist and singer Alejandro Venegas and composer and violinist extraordinaire Simon Claude, INTAKTO is back! The duo is flanked by their loyal collaborators Hugo Larenas (guitar), Sébastien Pellerin (double bass) and Éric Breton (percussion). Lazos also features  pianist Jean-François Groulx, background vocalist Esmeralda Sumar, and François Lalonde on percussion, electric guitar, drums and vibes. The group offers up a dozen new songs on Lazos, an album of true and enduring friendship, and the best kind of antidote to the passage of time.

In Lazos, fans will recognize the delicate execution and spirit that has always made INTAKTO’s music so seductive. Recorded in Montreal and produced by François Lalonde, Lazos is the perfect musical extension of the essence of the band, first expressed on Intakto’s debut album (2005), and continued on Todavia (2007). It’s a captivating listen, from the opening piece “Un Poco de Ti,” to the beautiful “Tu Semilla en mi Canto,” to the moving instrumental finale, the poignant “Con Motto.”

INTAKTO, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, was born from a chance meeting between a guitar from the south and a violin from the north. The two musicians experienced a surprisingly strong chemistry, even though their stories were so different. The result of their musical union is an innovative and ever-evolving style that changes from show to show. From a simple meeting rose a band that continues to affirm its singular identity in the face of an unlikely and paradoxical pairing.

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