International Reggae Artist Taffari Shares his Personal Journey as “Life’s Changes”

Blind author and political activist Helen Keller once said “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.”, those words ring true for international reggae recording artist Taffari.

Known for such hits as “Addicted to Music” and “Breakdown Babylon” among an impressive roster, the Singing Bird has found success by singing from his soul, while relating of his life experiences. In what is perhaps his more poignant experience to date, Taffari shares his personal experience and revelations with “Life’s Changes”.

The song produced by Boris “Taffari” Silvera, Anthony ‘Al” Graham & Danny Pepperseed is voiced on the Vibrations Riddim, originally composed by Peter Tosh for his hit song ‘Rastafari Is’ and re- played by Kirk Bennett (drums) Mitchum Chin (guitar) Paul Crossdale (keyboard) Donald Dennis (bass).

Speaking of “Life Changes”, the soulful singer shared  ” This song is really about letting go of the things that’s killing you, letting go of the things that’s sucking your energy, anything that’s taking you away from yourself…”. He continued “This is personal for me, its about me, for a year I experienced some personal things that I couldn’t deal with, I went to mountains to find myself, understand myself, I was holding on to negative things, you attach to many things that are not real, life changes is about things i experienced in those times”.

He further added “This experience helped me to understand myself, and people around me, even to understand my actions, this experience took me to the core, of a new beginning, a different me that i never experienced. I am still learning and growing, i give thanks for life lesson, if i can sing and touch the heart of people going through challenges then it is good, I can pass on and sing on my experience”.

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