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13 Questions with Reggae Band, Raging Fyah

Raging Fyah Jamaican Reggae Band

Raging Fyah is one of the most talented and dynamic Reggae group to hit the International music scene. Divinely united, five stunning musicians- Anthony Watson, Courtland White, Demar Gayle, Delroy Hamilton and Kumar Bent set out to rekindle a flame of positivity within the music industry.

Though capable in other genres of music most of Raging Fyah songs assume a roots rock reggae feel, heavily influenced by passion, purpose and life experiences when writing lyrics – Raging Fyah members at best ensures that every word touches the soul of each listener, which in a positive way uplifts and motivates people from all socio-economic, Political and cultural background.

The resulting melodies have been likened to legendary artistes such as Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Third World. The band has its own recording label, Raging Fyah Production.

Raging Fyah is committed to changing the world, note by note, melody by melody- spreading light in areas of darkness, growing when conditions seems most bleak, demolishing obstacles without remorse.
The band simply keeps blazing like a “Raging Fyah”.

Q: How did you guys meet and when was Raging Fyah was formed?
 Raging Fyah was formed in 2006. Demar, Pele and Anthony enrolled in Edna Marley on 2002 and that’s where we met as friends. We use to play in groups together, and that’s where we started to create a sound, and in 2006 we decide to make a name for the band, and we met with Gizmo, and then Kumar and have been Raging Fyah ever since.

Q: What was your first gig and what was the experience like for each of you?
Our first gig being at Weekends up at Constant Spring, and that experience showed us that there was a place for this kind of music, that there was an audience for it, and from there we grow from strength to strength.

Q:  How would you describe the style of reggae music you do?
I would describe our style of reggae as the soul type, the style that connects with the inner soul, makes you want to move your feet, makes you want to let go of any negativity, and just be happy.

Q: Tell us about the song “Dash Wata” that is included in Reggae Gold? Who wrote the song? What was your inspiration behind the song?
Dash Wata is a fun loving song that represents life, cause water is life. People can listen and get all kinds of meaning from it but water is life, so we just try reproduce and preserve everything with life. All the members were together just putting in lines with the producer Riff Raff as well. Its just one of those fun songs, it wasnt too thought about, just having an irie vibe.

Q: Tell us about the upcoming album?
Everlasting album was released May 27th, it’s an album which you can relate years from now, that’s why we say Everlasting, cause it’s perpetual, it means forever. You can always relate to these songs, we have songs from lovers, songs for people who feeling down, want to uplift people. Just take people to a higher place, bring out the highest form of our purpose here.

Raging Fyah

Raging Fyah

Q: Who is the main song writer in the group?
The writing process is a collective effort. A member can come with a verse, and another member just add a chorus to it, we analyze some of the words, edit, and play around with the ideas majority of the time. We all serve a purpose in the writing process.

Q: Are you guys on tour right now? Where are you?
We are currently on our Everlasting tour. We started out in Europe, did a couple dates, then came in the US, headlining couple of venues, then met up with Protege and supporting him for the rest of the tour, then back to Europe with the band Stick Figure.

Q: What are your thoughts on the direction reggae music is going?
It’s looking good, realize there is a place for everybody, so it’s a large world, a wide world, it’s a good direction for Reggae music right now. People are getting connected to the root of it all, and that’s what matters most.

Q: Bands are known to have their internal disputes and heated arguments. Who would you say is the “uniter” of the group and keeps everyone in harmony?
Like in any relation, there are internal dispute and stuff, but we try to put it higher than us because we are governed by a higher power, so with that understanding we learn to respect each other. We know the value of each other as well, that helps to mold us and remind us that we have to unite because this is a unit we are pushing.

Q: What bands do you guys admire?
All the members in the band can say we respect Wailers, we listen to Steel Pulse, wider than that Pink Floyd at times, it varies. We admire bands that stay together through thick and thin because we know the struggle, the journey.

Q: Does the band have concerns about the sales of reggae music worldwide?
I wouldnt say we are concerned about the sales of reggae music because every genre is being affected by the modern way of marketing music. So everything serves it’s purpose, we are taking things as natural as we can.

Q: Where do you see the band in 5 years from now?
We stated it from the foundation, we’ll be playing music for the rebels, so 5 years from now we’ll be playing music with a lot more growth and confidence

Q: Growing up my hero was...
Growing up my hero was Marcus Garvey, simply for what he stood up for. Equal rights and Justice – Demar Gayle

Q: Thanks for taking the time out to have this conversation with us. Any closing words?
Check out Wickie Wacky Music Festival, December 2nd and 3rd, it’s going to be an Irie Vibe! Be there, Raging Fyah and many more artists local and international.

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