Interview with Jamaican female Deejay, Naz

This week we interview rising Jamaican female Deejay, Naz.  In last year’s Heineken Green Synergy DJ competition she was the lone female DJ in the hunt for the over $2 million (Jamaican dollars) cash prize. Christened Nazaria Taylor, this Deejay is one to watch.

How did you get into DeeJaying?
I loved music from school days and wanted to be a engineer, went to school for it .then hooked up with some females selectors who asked me to be apart of their sound and that’s how I started

What was your fires Deejay gig?
I was as a member of an all-female team on a sound system called Chemical X. My first gig ever was at Bembe. Me and  the gurls (Chemicalx) played there.

Do you remember the first songs you mixed and how did you feel when people enjoyed it?
The first song I played at a event was Idonia’s “When bad man buss the gun” shell down the place

Tell us about your experience at the 2009 Heineken Green Synergy DJ competition?
It was crazy fun. After mi drop out and I was looking back..hahah.. but during it..the whole ting was very hectic always have to be on the go 

Where did you place in the 2009 Heineken Green Synergy competition?
I placed 3rd the 2009 Heineken Green Synergy competition

Your father, Don Taylor, is the former manager of Bob Marley and your mother is singer Joy White. Was there pressure from them to get into the entertainment industry or did they try deter from doing that?
No there wasn’t. Ii tried a lot of things before I decided what I really wanted.. lol

Has you Dad shared any information on his career managing Bob Marley? 
My father and I weren’t as close and he died. When I was starting to get to know him 🙁

Do you have any new projects coming up? Are you doing any studio work?
Yes. I am doing a little producing have a riddim working on, but waiting my obligation in the whole green synergy ting past to start working fully. 

Who is your favorite Deejay?
I have many..grandmaster flash, kurt riley & alric n boyd 
Digicel or Claro?
I have both…hahahaa 

What is the song that you can’t get out of you mind this week?
Rihanna and Eminem “Watch me burn”.

Thanks for your time. Do you final thoughts?
Thanks to all my fans & best wishers and I hope to make it big and pave the way for more females 🙂 big up all my friends and  family. 


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