Interview with Jamaican filmmaker and videographer Michael "Ras Tingle" Tingling

This week we interview Jamaican filmmaker and videographer Michael Ras Tingle Tingling. His is the chief principle of Tingle Films that has done quite a few music video production, films and documentaries in Jamaica. Michael is willing to “push buttons” with his productions and is always willing to assist in introducing film production to the youths in Jamaica. . With a passion and dedication to his country and family his upcoming projects include documentaries with a focus on stories indigenous to Jamaica and television programmes aimed to empower and uplift our youths. Here is our conversation with Michael.

How did you get started in film making?
I got started at Advidco productions. It’s a company owned by Trevor Ballie. He was one of the first video directors from Jamaica, doing videos for Sophia George , Boris Gardner etc. My Rasta brother Ras Kassa brought me in and Kevin Lee , Ras Asher and Ras Shack helped encouraged me a lot. My interest grew when top filmmakers DOP Chris Browney and R .Lanamon recommended me for film projects

What was your first film production?
One of my first film projects I worked on; worked on so many I’m trying to remember …think it was Third World Cop, but did a lot of videos on film as key grip, assistant gaffer, camera operator and assistant director.

What was your first short film?
My first short film was done in 2011 , it’s called Paris Bull….it’s a collaborative effort by us young filmmakers in Jamaica who work on each other’s film for free …making the way for younger folks to follow a trend by not waiting on hand outs.

You have done quite a few music videos. What was the most recent one you did?
Most recent video is IWAYNE ‘Drugs and Rum vibes’.

What is the main difference you find between writing a script for a video, film and documentary?
Main difference in writing for a video/film /doc….I find writing for a video is crunching in a short film or documentary into a 3min 30sec window.

You are currently producing a documentary series on stories indigenous to Jamaica. Can you tell us about this?
Stories about the people of my country is getting into the lives of simple but effective people living their lives as natural as naturalists , also I am exploring a touchy gay topic in Jamaica.

When will the first of the series of this documentary be released?
Series release will be in late 2012

Do you have any other projects in the works?
Yes other projects are in the pipe line from VP records to Nasville to Soul beats rec, Marley Brothers to name a few…

Ten years from now where do you see the film industry in Jamaica?
I see the industry as the city of films in the Diaspora.

Are you doing any work for the celebration of Jamaica 50?
Yes I am confirming some stuff for Jamaica 50th …soon let it out.

Thanks for the interview. Do you have any final thoughts?
I give thanks for all the support I got and thanks for this interview …all the best in your endeavors…