A Conversation with Jamaican Video Blogger, Russhaine Berry aka DuttyBerry from The Dutty Berry Show

This week have a conversation with popular Jamaican Video blogger  Russhaine Berry aka DuttyBerry.  Many of you have seen his popular commentary after each Tessanne Chin performance on the NBC The Voice.  Dutty Berry’s video blogs are funny and always seems to have a pulse on what’s happening with Jamaicans. Russhain is an easy going, goal oriented individual who enjoys reading, listening to music and interacting with people.  He attended Excelsior High and Meadowbrook High school after which he went to the University of the West Indies to pursue a degree in Language and Communication. Many of you may be surprise to know that he was never involved with with the performing arts until he started vlogging.  Here is our conversation with “Dutty Berry”.

Q. When did you both realize that your video blogging now made you famous?
I wouldn’t say famous but I realized I may be recognizable when Jamaican celebs such as Diana King, Dionne Jackson Miller, Tessanne Chin and Micheal Cuffe started sharing my vlogs.  Plus, just being on the road and people shouting “Duttyberry”, that definitely showed me that people were watching the videos

Q. Tell us how you got into acting, performing and video blogging?
I started vlogging in 2010. I came home from a party a little tipsy.  I went online and uploaded a video talking about possibly starting my own online show.  The next day I saw that my friends were in support so I just decided to give it a try.  I honestly had no idea I could act or even be funny.  I was never involved in anything relating to the performing arts during high school.  So it’s surprising how I ended up doing this.  In my earlier vids, I held back a lot because I didn’t think my personality would be cool enough but 2013 I decided to commit myself to building my vlog and it seems to be doing well.

Q. What is your favorite video from your blog?
My favourite video is 7 Ways Jamaicans Change After They Migrate.  It was the first time I realised I could step out of my shell.

Q. Tell us about the online audience reaction to the videos?
It has been tremendous.  My supporters (I call them the berridos) have inspired and motivated me when I was at my lowest.  People stating that I need to have my own show and that I’m the reason they were able to smile.  It’s the simple things like that that really keeps you going.

Q. Who do you admire as an entertainer?
Oliver Samuels and Will Smith.  They both have the ability to appeal to people from all age groups and are naturally charismatic.  

Q. Every performer can remember a performance that was a disaster. Which one of the video blogs would you say was a disaster and was difficult to put together?
I did a video about Rosie a few months ago.  I regret it.  It was embarrassing.  I allowed myself to get too trapped into living up to the character that I forgot about refining the content and ensuring that the video ran smoothly.  I started recording at 5pm. Night came.  I had no lights so I had to just shoot without.  Not to mention that I was in Rosie-wear.  It’s only because the video received over 50K views why I haven’t deleted it.

Q. What is your dream role?
This might sound weird but when I was younger I wanted to be a bus conductor badly.  The sad thing is that I can’t even calculate the right change for a row.  So I’d love be able to at least play the part one day.

Q. Who is your hero?
This is hard. But I’d have to say my friends. Can’t single out one person.  It’s all good to have public figures as your source of inspiration but I believe in finding those around you who are moving upwards and actively pursuing their dreams despite the limited resources.  So all the young aspiring singers, doctors, dj’s. and dancers that I’ve come across can be deemed my heroes.

Q: Any words of wisdom you live by?
A great lady once said “Take Chances, Make Mistakes”. I try to live my life by those words. Just in case you’re wondering that lady is Ms. Frizzle from Magic School Bus.

Q. Do you have any new projects in the works?
At the moment, opportunities have been presenting themselves but I don’t make decisions unless God says “Go through yute” and I feel I’m able to truly commit. So all I can say is ‘keep it locked to the duttyberryshow’.

Q. What do you think makes Jamaican comedy different from comedy any where in the world?
Jamaican people are innovative, passionate, hilarious and brutally honest.  So when all of that is translated into comedy it creates what I call ‘Out-A-Many-Skin-Teeth-Humor’

Q. If you could eat only one thing for the rest of your days, what would it be?
Cheese Patty and coco bread.  

Q. What are your 5 favorite songs?

VC- By his Deeds
Sean Paul- Gimme di light
Beyonce- Halo
Jah Mason- Princess Gone
Kalado- You Make Me Feel

Thanks for the interview. Do you have any closing thoughts?
Life is a journey. Travel safely.  Set your goals and pursue them vehemently.  Where the resources are few compensate with your creativity.  Sometimes those around you may not support your aspirations but if you know that it’s an innate part of your existence ignore the negativity and be fuelled by positivity.  In time the naysayers will be impressed by your ingenuity.  Big up to all the Jamaican vloggers!

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