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Interview with Jamaican Songstress, Marsha Morrison

This month we interview upcoming artist Marsha Morrison. She has toured and collaborated with many of reggaes top acts including Shaggy and Dancehall Diva Lady Saw. We caught up with her as she working on her first  album. This Jamaican beautiful songstress & songwriter is multi-talented. She is sure to blaze a trail that we will hear about in the next comming months and years.

Q: Where in Jamaica are you from?
A:  I was born in Kingston Jamaica

Q: How did you start sing?
A:  Singing for came naturally, as a child I would listen to music and imitate it daily. Eventually my family noticed and told me that I had a nice voice. From then on as I grow older and my vocal get stronger I decided to pursue my music career. 

Q: When did you make the decision to go out on your own?
A: I have always been on my own while working with a few artists on other project. 

Q: Did you write the single “Longing to be with you”? What was happening in your life at the time when you wrote the song?
A:  Yes I did write the single “Longing to Be You”. I am inspired in many ways when I’m writing, in this case it came to me after seeing troops being greeted by their families on TV, I drew my inspiration that.

Q: I have to ask for the single men out there. Are you single or do you have someone special”?
A:  Yes I am…but I do date sometimes

Q: Tell us about the single “Trouble in Paradise”
A:  The lyrics of the song depicts domestic violence and how it can affect not only the adults in the situation but also the kids. Domestic violence has both long and short term effects.

Q: How is the single doing?
A: The single (Trouble In Paradise) is currently been service to radio and media group for rotation add and reviews. We have been getting great response overall especially about the quality and dept of the song, as it touches on a topic that affect so many. 

Q: What would you say has been the high point of your career so far?
A: Touring the world and being able to see the lifestyle of other culture and their reaction to our music.

Q: Are you currently on tour?
A: No, but I will be soon to promote this album.

Q: When will your new album be released?
A: Next year 

Q: Will you go on tour once the album is released?
A: Yes I will

Q: Will you have accompanying videos for the song songs on the album?
A: Yes that will be out soon

Q: What other projects are you working on?
A: At this time I am just getting ready for next year

Q: As you are aware online piracy has affected music sales and it is difficult for artist to have major “hits” based on record sales. As a new solo artist what is your strategy in the age of piracy where music sales are down?
A: I trust and encourage my fans to do the right thing in supporting us by not buying bootleg copies of any product I create.

Q: Which female reggae artist of today do you like? Why?
A:  Marcia Griffiths I grew up listening to her music…she’s the real thing.

Q: Which male reggae artist of today do you like? Why?
A:  Its Still Bob Marley until another reggae artist surpasses him both. Inspirationally and lyrically he will continue to be my favorite reggae artist…

Q: Digicel or Claro?
A: Digicel

Q: East Indian or Julie mangoes?
A: East Indian

Q: What is your favorite food?
A: Fruit cake, preferable steamed

Q: What fact about you that would surprise people?
A: I’m a home body, I love staying home and relaxing.

Q: What is the one book you would like if you were stranded on an island?
A:  How to survive on a deserted island for dummies.

Q: Any advise for upcoming female singers?
A:  Fight for what you need, never settle for less, and never give up on your dreams.  

Q: Any closing thoughts?
A: I first want to thank you and your company for giving us the opportunity to share with you and your audience a snapshot of myself and my crew. I look forward to doing this again in the near future.  

Thanks so much for the interview.

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