A Conversation with the Honorable Usain Bolt

It’s a bird, a plane, no it’s Usain Bolt!  This international son of Jamaica has not slowed down much after another historic August.   It would have been easier to capture a lighting bolt in a bottle during a summer storm than our speedy hero with his whirlwind schedule. Well, with the critical help of his PR manager, Carole Beckford, we were able to get some insight into his thinking since his sensational Berlin Summer. Pour a tall glass and come listen in.

Chris Daley: At 23, you are on top of the world. How does it feel like to be so accomplished after being on the world scene for a few years?Usain Bolt: It is a great feeling. I was blessed with a great talent and through hard work and dedication I have been able to break world records and win Olympic and World titles.

Chris Daley: You have restored a global admiration to track and field. What would you like to see happen to sustain the fan base?
Usain Bolt: There are many developments happening in T&F. 2010 will see the introduction of the new Diamond League which will hopefully increase interest in the sport all over the world. Other athletes are also doing well and making a name for themselves.

Chris Daley: You are now in a special league of superstars,  Tiger Woods, Lebron James, etc. have you  had  conversation with these folks? How about Michael Phelps and you?
Usain Bolt: I have been fortunate to meet many of the sportsmen and women that I admire. Highlights have been meeting the Manchester United and Real Madrid football teams and managers and Kevin Garnett and the Boston Celtics.

Chris Daley: I have been greeted by folks flashing the famous Bolt signature. How did you develop this signature?
Usain Bolt: It started as a dance ‘to the world’ which I adapted after winning the 100m in the Olympic Games in Beijing. People seem to like it so it has become my trademark.

Chris Daley: You currently dominate the Jamaican brand.  How do you shoulder your personal self from the responsibility of representing Jamaica?
Usain Bolt: I am honored to represent Jamaica and very proud of my country. I am currently enjoying every moment and am happy to put Jamaica on the global map.

Chris Daley: You are already representing Jamaica. Would you consider a formal diplomatic position?
Usain Bolt: I am being conferred with the Order of Jamaica and that is a wonderful recognition; but I would not consider anything official until I am closer to retirement. Never know what the future may bring.

Chris Daley: Can you detail the recently announced contract with the Chinese company?
Usain Bolt: Unfortunately the recent media report was inaccurate.

Chris Daley: Mental toughness is a big part of your game.  What would you like to share on how important to develop your brain power?
Usain Bolt: My coach is good at setting challenges for me in training and competition – he plays a big role in my physical and mental preparation.

Chris Daley: The feature article in Sports Illustrated, it was stated that crime ceases in Jamaica when you run.  Why not do the marathon? Seriously, how do you view your impact on the Jamaican society?
Usain Bolt: I get a lot of support from the Jamaican public and try to do my best for them.: I don’t think that is possible.

Chris Daley: When you think outside of the box, have you considered a sub 9 sec 100m goal?
Usain Bolt: I don’t think that is possible.

Thank you for sharing these moments with the community, and we look forward to more great achievements from you in the near future.

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