Rastafari is the most famous religious movement of the Caribbean. It has affected the culture and society of the Caribbean. Our goal is to provide information on Rastafari in Jamaica and to assist in understanding Rastafari. After reading these series of articles, one should be able to differentiate between the many individuals who are dreadlocked but not a Rastafarian and Rastafari. You should also gain a broader understanding of the beliefs of Rastafari, its origins and its effects on Jamaica society.

Rastafari, with its mixture of Christianity and Black Messianic Judaism, has been called by many things; a religious cult, a religion, a sect. Please note that Rastafarians do not consider themselves to be a religion or social/political group and many despise any type of classification. This is one of the reasons why cult or religious sect is the terminology most use when referring to Rastafarians. After reading these articles and references to the many resources we have provided, one should be closer to answering the question “What is Rastafari?”


Special Thanks: Rastafarian Fekade Selassie, Dr Clinton Chisholm and ex-Rastafarian Christopher Daley for the extensive information they provided for this series of articles. Please also see list of references and resources at the end of each article.

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