IRS Agents to Confiscate Money In Jamaica Tied to Tax Fraudster Pamella Watson

Pamella Watson, a Jamaican-American and former CPA working in Miami, Florida, was convicted on charges of tax fraud in December 2015. She is currently in a federal prison serving her sentence of 78 months. Now, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service will travel to Jamaica to recoup some US$1.7 million in investments linked to Watson. Formerly prominent in the Caribbean Diaspora in South Florida, Watson, 61, was CEO of an accounting firm, through which she committed the crimes of money laundering, falsifying the tax returns of her clients, and wire fraud, all of which defrauded the IRS of US$3.6 million in total. This amount included the US$1.7 million in Jamaican investments. The money is being confiscated as part of the plea bargain struck by Watson in which she promised to restore substantial portions of the money she defrauded. Through this agreement, she reduced her prison sentence, which could have totaled 20 years. The IRS has identified J$107 million (US$880,545) linked to Watson at two licensed financial institutions on the island. These institutions are currently working with the U.S. agency to deliver the repayment checks.

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