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Is this neighbour really selling my land in Jamaica, how can I stop him?

Dear Legal Wiz,

My family own land in Jamaica, and the brother that had the title died. We have been trying to find the person that surveyed the land to get the papers. The problem is that there is a man living who says he is the head of the committee for the community and we are told that he has been selling land all over the place. Now he is selling my family land, or we have been told that he has. He does not have the title for this land, but we were told that he is gone to Kingston to try and get papers. What I want to know is what can I do to help my family in Jamaica as they are they are poor people farming to feed there family and the community. I live overseas I need to know what I can do to stop this man please. Thank you have a blessed day.


RESPONSE: Dear Shirley

It is never good to rely on hearsay, so at best your report need to be checked out. The first step you can do is to source a copy of the title for the land from the titles department of the National Land Agency itself. From there you can also source a copy of the diagram of the land. You can do this online, or by having someone physically visit the office on Hanover Street and taking necessary steps to secure said copy of the title. There the staff can assist in determining any transactions that would have taken place. If the gentleman has no legal authority to sell the property, steps can be taken to stop him but for this you will need further assistance from an attorney. Our team members can assist you further as needed.

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