Jamaica 1997

This was my 10th, 11th, or maybe even 15th time to beautiful Jamaica. I’ve lost count. Everytime has been worth it.

Along with 13 other beautiful Black women from different parts of the U.S. My long-time friend and I planned a week in Jamaica to celebrate our 40th birthday! Some of the women had never been and others had been at least once. We stayed at the High View Villa in Montego Bay. It was wonderful! We climbed the falls in Ocho Rios….talk about forming a link for sisterhood…, and did amazing watersports in Negril.

Of course, this was the week of Sumfest and Independence Day so the whole island was partying.

A week was not enough. No time is enough. I guess I am like the Battery-Man…I keep going, and going, and going….The people are beautiful. The food is delicious and non-fattening!!! The water is warm and soothing. The countryside is lush and serene. The Reggae music still rings in my ears. The pulsating beats of Luciano are all I hear and play everyday.

Yes, I am hooked and loving every moment of it. Jamaica is where God has truly placed his mark, and I have been blessed to have been there.