Jamaica 60th Independence Message from , Oliver Mair, Jamaica’s Consul General to Miami and Southern USA

Message from the Consul General of Jamaica Mr. R. Oliver Mair on the occasion of Jamaica’s Anniversary of Independence.

My fellow Jamaicans, let us give thanks to God Almighty for another year of blessings as we celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Independence for our island home, Jamaica.  This year is even more special as we celebrate our Diamond Jubilee year.

On behalf of the Consulate General of Jamaica, Miami, I commend all Jamaicans as you have shown the true meaning of this year’s national theme “Re-igniting a Nation for greatness”.  You continue to show that collective spirit of how Jamaicans unite for the common good of service, and a spirit of generosity and patriotism.  Even during these challenging times you create opportunities for the betterment of Jamaicans at home and abroad.

Despite our challenges over the years, let us be encouraged by our achievements thus far.  Let us step into our greatness fueled by the continued success of our athletes on the world stage.  Our Jamaicans continue to rise to the top in leadership positions achieving greatness in every discipline.  Using the acronym S.H.I.N.E, we continue to give Support to each other, building Hope and faith; Investing in our youth, ourselves and our country; draw Nearer to the Father to guide us; and a constant renewal of Energy for our mental and physical being.

We have been blessed with so many resources – our mountains, our rivers and beaches, our premium coffee, our rum, and our rich cultural heritage including our reggae music.  All these we can be proud of as it is a reminder of how much we must appreciate the richness of our homeland.  As a country we continue to stand on high marks, maintaining a positive outlook against all odds. We are ever grateful to our Diaspora and friends for the critical role they play in the growth and development of our beloved homeland, maintaining  the focus on economic development, especially benefitting health and education.    You continue to give of your time, talents and resources to support the countless Jamaicans who have been beneficiaries of your philanthropic efforts.

For these qualities we stand proud and can look forward with enthusiasm and excitement as we unite to carry on, building a better Jamaica, land we love. Festival Song winner, Tinga Stewart in his words, sang it best “….when you check it out Lawd, no whey no better than yawd…”.

Let us use this time to reflect as a nation. That old Jamaican adage “we likkle but we tallawah” gives true meaning to the strength and indomitable spirit of our people.  There is nothing we cannot achieve as a people.  Standing on the shoulders of our forefathers, we continue to embrace our positives, celebrate our accomplishments, and always remember to praise God for His many blessings.

On behalf of the Consulate General of Jamaica, let us be reminded of how special we are as a people.  Reflecting on our past, we must assess the present, and look to the future with humility, a gentle and kind heart, and be mindful that our Heavenly Father is our constant Guide, let us give thanks and praise for 60 years of Independence as a sovereign nation under God.  Let us never forget as in the Book of Psalms, chapter 24 vs. 1 “The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it.”

HAPPY JAMAICA 60TH – Re-igniting a Nation for Greatness!

Consul General R. Oliver Mair