Jamaica court staff worker is ruining my business

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,
The court staff at the Sutton Street court is defaming my character. I have been serving summons for years with no difficulty until recently. Whenever the persons who I serve do not turn up, the Court staff has been advising the Plaintiff to use the bailiff office to get the summons served. It is insulting because these staff members are giving the impression that I did not serve the summons, and that therefore only the bailiff office who is contracted by the Court is credible.

Misleading Staff

Recently, one of my clients told me that one of the officers in the Court office actually told her not to trust anyone who does not work with the Court as everybody on the outside are scammers. She said she told them that she had no idea what they were talking about and the person told her that the money she pays to anybody but the Court for serving summons wont be refunded.
Then a lawyer told me afterwards that the same staff member told her not to trust me with his summons.


Checks with the Public Defender office on Duke Street will be useful. Based on research, you should sue these staff members of the Court for defaming your character.
However your challenge would be to prove they actually said it, so you may need to consult with an attorney.
When you have made up your mind, you will need to sue that staff member in another Court location.

Legal Wiz


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