Jamaica Karate Team offers assistance to Women’s Centre of Jamaica

Pan American Games qualifier, WKF European Champion and Olympic hopeful Jessica Cargill, Jamaica Karate Federation President Tony Robinson and Jamaica Karate WKF (World Karate Federation) Technical Director Nathaniel Peat presented $148,000 JMD to the Women’s Centre of Jamaica Foundation.

Jamaica Karate Team offers assistance to Women's Centre of Jamaica 4

The Women’s Centre of Jamaica Foundation (WCJF) supports teenage girls who become adolescent mothers and runs diversion programs for children and teens. The foundation helps to provide continuing education for girls who drop out of school on account of a pregnancy, offers counselling support,

it runs vital counselling and guidance programs for “baby fathers”, their parents and parents of adolescent mothers. 

The concept to hold an international virtual master class named “Defend the Future” came about from one of the karate team members, Valentyna Zolotarova,  who told the Jamaica Gleaner.

“Providing healthcare so the moms can continue their education is something that is in line with the reason we support this organisation. We think strong parents are a good example for their children breaking the cycle of young girls not finishing their education.”

Zolotarova, along with Olympian Kenneth Edwards, Alton Brown and Jessica Cargill, hosted a one-day seminar, which had participants from the USA, England, Canada, Trinidad, Barbados and Jamaica. The masterclass was held on 30th August and featured remarks from Projects Coordinator, Natalie Fuller and JKF Technical Director Nathaniel Peat. 

Jamaica Karate Technical Director Nathaniel Peat said, “Many of these teenagers would have experienced some level of domestic abuse in their homes from someone close to them, the foundation delivers a wholistic care program which really helps young people out of the darkness into the light. This initiative is truly fantastic and the entire JKF board is proud of the work the athletes put in to make it work”

Jamaica Karate Team offers assistance to Women's Centre of Jamaica 4

The presentation which was made on Friday 25th September was received by Projects Coordinator, Natalie Fuller who said

“We truly thank the Jamaica Karate Team so much, the funds with be used for our A-STREAM project which supports the young girls through, Scholarship, Mentorship and Sponsorship which is geared towards their education helping to pay for books, equipment and tuition.”

Jamaica Karate Team offers assistance to Women's Centre of Jamaica 4

The Jamaica Karate team is 4 years old and have been very successful in the Pan American Division creating historic first time wins for Jamaica and have set themselves now as a serious contender in the international arena.