Jamaica Ranks Fourth on List of 10 Places Every Black Woman Should Visit In Her Lifetime

Jamaica Ranks Fourth on List of 10 Places Every Black Woman

Essence Magazine has compiled a list of places that every black woman should see in her lifetime.

At the top of the list is Brazil, which has been characterized as having “the body of America and the soul of Africa.” The presence of the African Diaspora is evident in the nation’s food, music and people. It features lovely beaches, spectacular scenery and great value for travelers.

Second on the list is South Africa, a great vacation spot with sun, sand, safaris, and mountain summits. It also has a lot of soul, and its history of apartheid makes is especially relevant to African-American travelers. A great cultural renaissance is occurring in the cities, the Maboneng district in Johannesburg, for example, which is a must-see for visitors.

Number Three on the list is France. France is the perfect spot to indulge yourself. It features the beaches of the Riviera and the famous Paris cafes, and whether you choose wine-tasting in Bordeaux, castle-hopping in the Loire Valley or the romance of Alsace, France lets you relax and concentrate on making it “all about you.”

Jamaica is fourth on the list for its food, music, beaches and “vibes.” This Caribbean island is a great place to relax and recharge after a busy period of life. Noted by Essence editors, the appeal of the local male population.

At Number Five: the United Arab Emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. These cosmopolitan destinations make for an excellent introduction to the Middle East. They feature luxury, opulence and very unique culture. There are many attractions, including the 7-Star Burj Al Arab hotel and activities like safaris in the desert. There is also a very exciting club scene to enjoy.

In sixth place is Thailand, with its beaches, temples, and low-cost flavorful food. The people are warm and friendly, and they are full of admiration and curiosity about black women. While you may get some stares, you may also be asked if you are Michelle Obama…!

Ranked seventh is Ethiopia, the “Cradle of Civilization.” This is a must-visit place for black women, particularly the National Museum of Ethiopia in the country’s capital of Addis Ababa. This museum has one of the most significant collections of art and fossils in Sub-Saharan Africa. A trip to Ethiopia is a chance to “know thyself.”

In eighth place in the ranking is Japan, Land of the Rising Sun. A fascinating place with a strange fetish culture, wild fashion, and long-standing respect for rituals and tradition. Japan also has a great appreciation for hip-hop and dancehall reggae music, so its nightclubs are filled with fans in most of its cities.

At Number Nine are The Maldives, a perfect place to go when you’re stressed out. There are clear, turquoise waters and luxury villas beyond all expectations. You should get there as soon as you can, however, as rising sea levels could submerge these islands within 50 to 100 years.

Ranked tenth is Tanzania. Adventurous types can climb Mount Kilimanjaro, while wildlife fans can make safaris in the Serengeti. The beaches of Zanzibar should be the goal of all sun-worshippers, and a visit to the Motherland is required for any African-American attempting to learn more about their heritage.

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