Jamaica police aided my ex to get my car papers illegally

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,
I need help as the Jamaica police assisted my ex to get my car papers illegally and now she refuses to return them.
I live in Jamaica but my ex girlfriend goes to and from the US. She sent monies and we bought a car together to put on the road as a taxi. Although she came up with most of the cost of the car, I did most of the work, and spent the monies to fix up the car with new parts and such. I got the driver, and I maintained the car and paid for all the bills like insurance and so on. The car is in fact in my name.
When I earned I always put down something and take care of my ex when she is here. We had an argument because I asked her how comes she lied about how much the car cost all this time.
The argument got serious because she didnt want me to question her because she had put in most of the monies. After she hit me and I hit her back, she went to the police and told them she spent most of the monies and I held on to the car and didnt give her a cent. The Inspector called me in, took the keys and paperwork and gave to her. She didnt have a license, but she drove away the car, and the next day I saw another driver doing taxi work with the car.
I am no longer living with her, and that too is another story, because she forced me out with the help of the police from the same station.
I want to report everybody because the police is taking her side. The insurance which does not cover public passengers is now up and I still dont have the car or papers to renew anything. I also want to apply for a taxi road license. I need help, so please help!
Shamar Simms

RESPONSE: Dear Shamar,
There are several issues and you definitely need an attorney because you will need to know about the law and procedures in the Court to help yourself.
You are definitely headed for Court.
Foremostly, the police will never confirm your outline because it simply is not legal to take somoene’s documents and worse hand them to another person. For that you could go to the Inspectorate of Police and make a formal report.
As long as this exgirlfriend of yours holds the papers which are in your name she is acting against the law, as she does so without your permission and based on what you said, took them by force with the aid of the police.
An attorney will help you to get back your papers, but bear in mind that the woman may want to claim for the monies she spent.
While efforts are being made to secure a reliable and detailed attorney, try writing out everything in chronological order as this will be a good tool for the attorney and the court.
Legal Wiz


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