Jamaica Rank No. 2 In Regional Study Where Women Are More Educated Than Men

According to study by the World Economic Forum, the women and girls of the Caribbean and Latin America are doing better than the men and boys when it comes to being educated and going on after school to take advantage of the opportunities offered by tertiary education, which includes going to a university, getting vocational training, or joining the military. Jamaica, with a population of 2.7 million, ranks second on the Global Gender Gap Index: some 40 percent of its women go into tertiary education institutions. This is 2.29 times the number of men who attend universities and colleges. First on the list is Barbados, a nation with a population of fewer than 300,000 people, in which 88 percent of its women go on to higher education, 2.5 times the participation rate of its men. Rounding out the top five nations in the index are Guyana, where 18 percent of its women continue their education at the tertiary level, a rate over twice that of men; Uruguay, in which 80 percent of women go on to further education or 1.73 times the percentage of men who continue; and Suriname, where 15 percent of its women go on to further their education, compared to nine percent of its men.

Source: News America Now