Jamaica Ranks 14th on TripAdvisor’s List of World’s Best Destinations list

The travel site TripAdvisor.com has compiled a list of the 25 best destinations in the world for 2019 as provided by the site’s users. Ranking at 14th in the “Very Best of Travel” named by real-world travelers is Jamaica. The island nation was cited for its warm and sunny climate and excellent beaches, but travelers also mentioned the opportunities Jamaica offers for adventure travel, getting back to Nature, learning about the history of the region, and of, course, enjoying the music that, as the birthplace of reggae and dancehall, represents one of the island’s great contributions to the world. Specifically, travelers mentioned Jamaica’s forests with their great hiking trails and spectacular bird-watching venues, the historical heritage sites of Trelawny, and the many opportunities to experience authentic Jamaican music in Kingston. The snorkeling and shopping of Montego Bay were highly favored, as were the spas of Ocho Rios, which relieved any stresses that travelers might experience. Among the don’t-miss attractions recommended were Seven Mile Beach, Negril Cliffs, and Original Mayfield Falls Jamaica.

The Number 1 destination chosen as best in the world by TripAdvisor users is London in the United Kingdom. It was followed by Paris, France, in the Number 2 spot. The countries that rounded out the Top 5 world destinations for 2019 were, in order, Rome in Italy, Crete in Greece, and Bali in Indonesia.

The other countries ranked in the Top 25 included: 6 Phuket, Thailand; 7 Barcelona, Spain; 8 Istanbul, Turkey; 9 Marrakech, Morocco; 10 Dubai, United Arab Emirates;11 Prague, Czech Republic; 12 Siem Reap, Cambodia; 13 New York City, New York; 14 Jamaica; 15Hanoi, Vietnam; 16 Tokyo, Japan; 17 Playa del Carmen, Mexico; 18 Lisbon, Portugal; 19 Kathmandu, Nepal; 20 Jaipur, India; 21 Hurghada, Egypt; 22 Hong Kong, China; 23 Cusco, Peru; 24 Sydney, Australia; and 25 Tel Aviv, Israel.

Source: TripAdvisor