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Jamaican-American Army Veteran Maxine Reyes’ Latest Music Video ‘I Got You’ Hits 1 Million Instagram Views in 24 Hours

Jamaican-American Army Veteran Maxine Reyes' Latest Music Video 'I Got You' Hits 1 Million Instagram Views in 24 Hours2

Multitalented Jamaican Maxine Reyes, a broadcaster with Jamaicans.com, has seen the music video for her latest song, “I Got You” gain over 2 million views on Instagram, with the first million achieved in its first 24 hours online. Reyes released four songs in 2023, and when this one featuring her daughter Victoria went viral, she went on Facebook to thank her fans for supporting her by sharing her song and downloading her music.

Jamaican-American Army Veteran Maxine Reyes' Latest Music Video 'I Got You' Hits 1 Million Instagram Views in 24 Hours2

Early Influences

Maxine Reyes was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and grew up in Manchester, Jamaica.  She was very shy, and this kept her from taking advantage of the few chances she had to display her talent. She dreamed about becoming a television broadcaster and having a show on the radio, however, so she focused her energy on overcoming her shyness. She learned to present herself to public audiences, pursue a writing and music career, and perform on stage. After a few years, she volunteered to create a live show online on the Facebook platform of Jamaicans.com.

A Varied Career Fueled By Belief

Jamaican-American Army Veteran Maxine Reyes' Latest Music Video 'I Got You' Hits 1 Million Instagram Views in 24 Hours1

Reyes, a US Army and Air Force combat veteran, is the founder of With Courage & Grace brands, as well as a certified relationship and transformational coach, international speaker, an event and show host, and a national anthem singer at sports and special events. She is also the author of a book that debuted at Number 1 on Amazon in the Military Families category. Reyes believes that encouraging strong families will result in building resilient communities and that all things should be done with love, courage, grace, and gratitude. She has inspired a broad range of audiences with her motivational talks, including a US President, Wounded Warriors of the US Army, college students, groups at marriage enrichment events, and women and teenagers who want to live authentic, confident lives with healthy relationships. Reyes is known as an energetic speaker who connects well with her audience, and she has appeared on national networks like FOX, NBC, and ABC, which has cemented her credibility as a trusted leader and resource partner.

Success on Jamaicans.com

Her online show is a remarkable success as she films various episodes on topics like relationships, business, and military life. She also manages a YouTube channel, maxinereyeslive, to promote the idea that girls and women need to have the opportunity to share their stories and to push through their fears to become confident enough to share their talents with the women. With her “Ignite Your Confidence Brunch,” she has provided women and girls space to do just that. Reyes is the founder of the Florida Women Veterans Awards, as well, an awards endeavor powered by the With Courage & Grace brand to honor women in the military. She also founded the Caribbean Veteran Trailblazer Awards, joining with the Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival to recognize trailblazers of Caribbean heritage in business and philanthropy as they influence their communities.

Awards and Honors

Maxine Reyes has twice received the Humanitarian Service Medal and Military Outstanding Volunteer Medal. She is noted for her exceptional leadership style in mentoring hundreds of military personnel and was named Military Person of the Year by the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce on July 14, 2016. That day was also proclaimed Captain Maxine Reyes Day by a Proclamation from the City of Orlando. She was also chosen by the Florida Cabinet and the state’s governor to be inducted into the Florida Veterans Hall of Fame in 2022.

Living Her Life With Passion

Reyes continually strives to live her life limitlessly and to encourage people to follow their passions. She wants to fire them up with the confidence needed to promote wellness and resiliency in relationships. She is a strong advocate for women veterans and military families and firmly believes that everyone should lift up others as they themselves rise.

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