Jamaican-American Kamala Harris Leads Race to Represent California in the U.S Senate

According to recent polling by the Public Policy Institute of California, Jamaican-American Kamala Harris leads her nearest competitor 2-to-1 in the race to represent the state of California in the United States Senate. Forty-two percent of likely voters polled support Harris, compared to 20 percent who support Loretta Sanchez. Harris is currently the state’s Attorney General, while Sanchez is a congressional representative for Orange County. The results of the new poll are closely in line with results of the primary election held June 7, 2016. The new poll also included the ballot designations for the candidates, where Harris is identified as “Attorney General of California” and Sanchez is identified as “United States Congresswoman.” Both are Democrats. Harris is the first woman, first African-American, first Asian-American, and first Jamaican-American to be elected Attorney General in California.