Jamaican American Volley Ball Athlete Danielle Perry Ready for Rio Olympics

Danielle Perry, a Jamaican American whose family is from Manchester, will represent Jamaica in the volleyball events at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Perry was recruited to the track and field team at Florida Atlantic University after strong performances as an athlete at Miramar High School. After college, her enthusiasm for volleyball led her to play in fours and doubles in Fort Lauderdale and Miami Beach and then to participate in local and international tourneys. Perry was honored in 2015 as Volleyball Athlete of the Year at the RJR Jamaican Sports Awards. As one of four players on the Jamaican team, Perry will join teammates Kai Wright, Sashalee Wallen, and Alicia Malcolm for a match in El Salvador on May 12-16 and then proceed to the finals in Mexico from June 20 to 27. Perry has adopted “free to fly” as her personal motto and hopes she can facilitate the participation of Jamaican youth in the sport of volleyball and inspire them to work hard to reach their goals.