Jamaican Association in China Holds Their Inaugural Emancipendence Celebration

Jamaican Association in China Holds Their Inaugural Emancipendence Celebration

The Jamaican Association in China(JAC) recently held their inaugural Emancipendence celebration in China on August 7th 2021. Events were held in Shanghai, Shenzhen Anhui and Zhejiang. Other cities wanted to have events but those did not materialize because of Covid measures.

The main event was a celebration dinner held at the Golden Tulip Rainbow Hotel in Shanghai. In attendance were over 50 persons from various nationalities. The aim of the event was to promote brand Jamaica as well as to share our history and culture with others.

Business owners Robert and Cora Loftman attended to sell their Jamaican products and Nadine Thompson brought along copies of her book for sale and did a reading.

The event was filled with lots of fun and excitement so much so that at the 9pm end patrons moved on to continue the celebrations elsewhere in Shanghai. The event was planned by the JAC and hosted by the vivacious Kerrie Cameron. Kerrie is the Director of events planning.

Those in attendance were thoroughly entertained and gave raving reviews about the fun, excitement and all the wonderful giveaways awarded for the raffle, dance contest, trivia etc. The event was streamed live on the JAC Instagram page and still available for viewing on the Kerrie’s personal Instagram account (@iamkerriec).

Under the leadership of Keisha LaBeach, The Shenzhen event was also a huge success and patrons were raving about the wide spread of delicious Jamaican food that was available.
In ZheJiang Province, Tamara Richards lead the students in Anhui city for their celebration.

The JAC would like to thank all those who assisted with promotion, logistics and set up that made the event a huge success. For more information and to find out about the happenings of the JAC follow us on Instagram @jamaicanassociation_china and Facebook JamaicanAssociation China. Thanks to all those who joined us during the live streaming and gave feedback and valuable suggestions.

A big thank you to our sponsors Golden Tulip Shanghai Rainbow Hotel, Pimento Restaurant, Abbey Road Restaurant, WhataBam and The Embassy of Jamaica.

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